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Do gay males enjoy having lots of straight female friends and, if so, why?

Asked by Aster (19883points) February 5th, 2012

There is an attractive, successful gay male on Facebook who has 100 female friends. He posts xxoo to them, “likes” their posts and sometimes calls them on the phone. He’s a wonderful man from what I can see . Why do you think he appears to want many female friends? I am not criticizing him; I think a lot of him and feel good about our “friendship” but I don’t “get it.”

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Straight men can be friends. Why can’t gay men? I’ve had very close gay men friends. We loved to talk and laugh and hang out together.

What’s to get?

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Surely everyone likes to have lots of friends no matter what sex and sexuality? I know straight girls who love to have large female friendship groups. Is that not the same thing? Liking to have lots of friends that you get on with? Most of my mates are male and I am a straight woman but do not find them sexually attractive. They are my mates and I phone them up. Maybe not xoxo them but that’s not the kind of person I am!
This man you are on about sounds like a loving, sociable person from what you have said. He probably just attracts other girls to his friendship group from his attentive nature to what other people are doing and ‘safeness’ to women as a gay man. I wish I was more attentive sometimes and really need to phone my mates more often. I don’t think there is anything to get. Some people are popular with certain types of people. They just click. I think its lovely.

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I think in friendships like these the sexual pressure you sometimes find in those between heterosexual girls and guys is gone, that might make things easier ! In the case you describe, no love, except for the friendly kind, can get in the way of a great friendship ;)

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