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Any way I can do my homework faster?

Asked by sydsydrox (648points) February 8th, 2012

I go to school, and my teachers drop the homework bomb on me every day. I have a project to finish in 1st block, some workbook pages to do in 2nd, tons of math in 3rd, and God knows what my teacher will do to us in last. As soon as I walk in the door (4:45, on a good day), I get crackin’, but I always stop at 8:30! I only take one break to eat, and I do not distract myself. Any advice on how I can do it faster and finish earlier?

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When doing a lot of work you’ll often be repeating the same process over and over again. If you can use a computer you’ll be able to eliminate pretty much anything you need to do more than once. If you can’t use a computer you can still use other stationary supplies to make life a lot easier on yourself. You’d be surprised what some of that stuff is used for.

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My son seems much worse off than you. He is still “working” at 10 pm. He’s probably younger. He’s lying on the couch (last night), clearly exhausted and incapable of thinking and yet he still doesn’t want to go to bed before he finishes his homework. Both his parents are ordering him to. I think he’s afraid of his teachers.

You’d think that this would teach him to be more efficient. He’s been at it since he got home from school. Sort of.

Somehow, he finds all kinds of ways to distract himself. His sister was videoing a cooking demo for Spanish class. She made mole, which was good, but she didn’t like it. Anyway, he wanted to be the videographer. I just wanted dinner. Then after dinner, he kept on bouncing back and forth between things. Practicing. Doing his LA (which seemed to be the real problem—he needed ideas and couldn’t come up with any without parental help). He’d hop on the computer to see friends or his aunt or whatever. Maybe to do his Photoshop project.

Why? Why does he bounce around and around? Why can’t he focus? Why does he feel it necessary to stay up so late if he’s not going to use the time productively?

I’ll bet some of it has to do with the way his particular brain is made up. He clearly needs support to work. If I or his mother work with him, he seems to stay on task, but can’t do it on his own. He wants to be involved in whatever else is around. So maybe he needs a place of his own where there are no distractions.

If I were you, I would ask myself where I get my best work done? Under what circumstances? Then I’d try to replicate those circumstances as much as possible. I might ask for parental help, but really, you want to be able to do this on your own. I hope.

Anyway, if you come up with something that works, let me know. I need ideas for my son, too.

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Start with easy subjects first, the subjects you are sure of yourself in.
This way, you will know the work you are doing and be able to do it faster.
The harder subjects will take more time, so you do those after the easy ones you’ve gotten out of the way. You can spend more time on the harder subjects, and not have to worry about other work that would only take you half an hour to do.

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I agree with @Aesthetic_Mess, always start with the easy stuff first. It usually works for me. So that when you are done or become tired… you can rest and at least you’ve done something unlike if you were glitching on a difficult math problem and if you rested… you would simply give up because you’d have no interest in doing it again since you can’t work out the problem and you have no idea how to do it.

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