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Holocaust help?

Asked by Ncshawty (79points) October 7th, 2008

Im a 18 year old female senior in high school and i was instructed to write an essay and i believe the holocaust is a good one, because i truly belive that the only thing worse then having it actually happening would be to forget it ever happened. I need writting it though, it has to be a 7 page essay. please help me? i have yahoo and msn so if you would like to talk to me that way im available. :]

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Ok, let’s get started.

First thing you need is a thesis statement.
What is yours?

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I was thinking my thesis statement could be “The holocaust is an important yet horrific event that occurred in the late 1938 and ended in 1945, during World War II. I am afraid that people will forget that it happened which would be worse than having it happen in the first place.” Would that be ok?

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Also, so that we don’t throw you off course, what was the exact assignment?

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My exact topic is “Write a 6–7 page essay on a topic of your choice” Mine is the holocaust.

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Respectfully, if “we” assist you with this, it won’t be your thesis; it will be ours (yours and ours).

I think the intent of your instructor, is that you do this assignment totally on your own.

Or am I wrong?

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I don’t think you should use “i” in a thesis.
But supposing that is your thesis statement, now you need proof.

What is your proof?
You also need references, do you have those?

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No, Jack is completely spot-on. I don’t think anyone here is helping, really, by giving a thesis of all things.

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I think fireside is right. Use the first sentence as the thesis, use the second sentence to start off your conclusion paragraph.

You need to decide what you want to talk about. Do you want to talk about the fact that the Holocaust was horrific and important, or do you want to talk about why it’s important that it’s not forgotten? Once you decide, then it will be easier for you to start writing about it.

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And if ever there were a subject where there is research and original source materials, dairies,data, records, and living survivors, it is this.

Stop wasting time here; if you are a senior in HS, you should have a very good idea of the framework of an essay. Hop to it.

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There is so much material available on the Holocaust in any good library; you really should not be using the internet exclusively for this topic.

Start by asking yourself some questions; what is it you want to learn about the Holocaust? Why is it important that it not be forgotten? Have people tried to deny that the Holocaust happened (yes!)? Then do some overview reading to familiarize yourself with what went on, and then zero in on what you want to say. At this point, a meaningful thesis statement may emerge.

If it’s a topic you’re truly interested in, it’s worth doing some serious work in order to learn about it. Once you have done the research, the paper should write itself. (Just be careful to cite direct quotes and paraphased statements as well.)

Hint: You might start by looking up George Santayana’s famous quote about history and see how that applies.

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What argument can you make about the Holocaust that we would not have known before reading your paper? “The Holocaust was awful and we should never forget” doesn’t come close to counting.

I teach history, by the way, and this is 101 for my students when we start working on a thesis statement.

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If you care about the holocaust, read some good books about it, do great research, that’s how people will remember it.

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