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If you Google your name and look at the images, are you happy with the company you are in?

Asked by 6rant6 (13690points) February 8th, 2012

Google your first name and look at the images. Are you proud to be in such awesome company? Are you embarrassed? Do you wish you looked that good? Can you find a new avatar to use here?

Oh, the setting you have for “Safe search” may influence the result. Ahem. So you may want to share that with us.

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Richard Branson and Richard Stallman. I’m ok with it. LOL

Richard Dawkins, however, I could care less about.

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Since I don’t about basketball players, no.

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Pretty much. Check out the Image in the #4 slot…

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I was until I got about five pages in and saw Sarah Palin!

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@YoBob WETF is that?

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Well @6rant6, perhaps your mileage may vary, but this is what came up for me.

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@YoBob Quite different than this.

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Ughh, Robert Pattinson, no I am not happy with that company.

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The results for my username include my avatar as the very first image.

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Fixed the link now…

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On the first page (of the people I recognize): many pictures of a statue, a footballer quite a few times, a Doctor, an artist named after a knife,, an artist with two first names (my first name being his second), an actor who talked to cars and a Friend. I’m okay with most of them.

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Oh, dear. Damn, there are a lot of…characters in there…
But I really like the lady with the brain.

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I generally love company

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I get this weather girl She’s like, pretty much all on the first page. I guess she’s pretty cool. I just get my weather facts from the radio though, or better yet, by looking outside my window when I wake up.

For my username, I get a bunch of wedding gowns. They all look pretty neat, but it would suit my taste a lot more if they were all black.

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I’m quite happy with the results, whether I use my real name or my username. It’s page after page of pretty ladies or chocolate! =0)

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I found several pictures that are NSFW….

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Mine shows a bunch of old guys in uniforms and beards. I don’t feel at home.

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The majority of photos are Janet Jackson. I also get this image of Janet Leigh and this lovely image of Janet Reno exposed lol

Not sure what to think. I really don’t feel at home with the Jackson clan.

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Hmm yes! I get a couple food processors, a bunch of women of different ethnicities, and one naked gal. I dig it.

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Oddly enough @6rant6, that snow covered mutt bears a striking resemblance to my long departed and dearly beloved K-9 “Katy”.

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