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What do you think about letting Florida and Michigan re-vote?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) May 22nd, 2008 from iPhone
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We have a precedent for discounting votes in Florida.

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I don’t think Florida should be able to vote period! they owe us big time. LOL jk

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Well, tha ballots in Florida are difficult to understand…...Maybe they should get 3 go’s: 3rd time lucky?

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Yes, they should. If it were your state, wouldn’t you want your vote counted? That is your right!

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They should have Floridians prove they know how to use the ballot punchers before they actually vote. I voted in Florida when I lived there, and I had no trouble with it, but if the card isn’t lined up right, it could throw off your choice. It just takes a minute to make sure the card is in the correct postion, and if you look after you’re finished you can see whether or not it punched the right one.

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Its too late to execute a re-vote so its a moot point. Michigan and Florida should just get together and burn the colossal morons in the DNC, who set up this convoluted primary system, at the stake then change the name of the party since its hardly Democratic.

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I don’t think they should be allowed to revote. They were told to begin with that if they held their elections early, that the results would not count. Those in charge, choose to disregard this, because they were trying to make a ‘statement’. They were disgruntled that their elections were held later and felt that they didn’t receive as much attention from candidates because of that, because they felt the party’s candidate was pretty much decided by the time their states got to vote. Well, they made their ‘statement’ they obviously didn’t forsee the ‘Obama’ factor. Also, as a side note, the states were told that they could hold a revote, however, the states would have to cover the additional expense, but the states wanted some one else to pay the tab.

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I don’t think voters in two states should be disenfranchised because of a stupid decision on the part of the party leaders (or whoever moved the elections). Too late now, but they definitely should have been able to re-vote.

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Nikipedia, I agree that it is unfortunate for the voters of those states, but it is the fault of their leaders in that state and once again, they could have had a revote, but each states own organization would have had to foot the bill.

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Furthermore, you can’t count the votes already cast since, as advised by the DNC, Obama never campained in Florida. Hillary didn’t “technically” campain but was in Florida meeting with the people and fund raising right before the vote. As for Michigan, Obama, as did most Democratic candidates, removed his name from the ballot in that state, but Hillary kept her name on it. Both states were told that, without DNC approval, if they moved up the primary dates that their delegates wouldn’t be seated at the Dem Convention. It’s unfair to change the rules in the middle of the game.

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Reading my own answer above I see that I can’t spell. Since it’s too late to edit now I’ll just say that that should read as ‘Campaign’, not ‘Campain’. I must be tired.

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It’s a situation of rules. Florida and Michigan Democratic party leaders knew the rules, yet chose to break them. They also knew the consequences. So, if the rules mean anything, they have to stick with the consequences—as unpleasant as that might be for some. At least, that what makes sense to me.

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Ditto skfinkel, AstroChuck and marissa. Dem’s in both states should take their party chairpersons “out behind the woodshed”, however.

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