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Should I get the cheapest Blue-Ray disc player or buy the cheapest video game console which plays Blu-Ray?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28970points) February 10th, 2012

I know, I should know what I need and what I want but I’m hoping to be persuaded here, even inspired? Lol.

My SO just bought a Sony Bravia LCD 40 inch TV and now I’m beginning to wonder about Blu-Ray quality video. We held on to our tank-heavy old fashioned TV for years and I think upgrading at this point won’t be too frivolous as most people I think have switched to either an LCD or LED TV.

But when it comes to Blu-Ray disc players, would you just get a dedicated player or get a video game console which plays Blu-Ray discs? Does Blu-Ray technology really makes the viewing experience much better watching it on an LCD screen? Thanks!

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If you like to play games, then get a Playstation so you can use it to play games and watch movies. But if all you want to do is watch movies, a Playstation is a pricy Blu-Ray player (and not a very convenient one at that).

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Get a dedicated blu-ray player. Remember to have the HDMI cable as well to enjoy high definition video on your LCD TV, if the LCD TV supports HDMI.

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It’s better to have a video game console. It’s better than having one machine for one function and one machine for another.

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I have to admit I’d get a dedicated player. I don’t what it is about things other than computers playing mixed media like that, but it keeps me up at night…

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Get a dedicated player @mazingerz88.

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I work at Best Buy now and this question is giving me PTSD on my day off.

I say don’t just go for the cheapest bluray player, a lot of times we have open box ones people have returned and there’s nothing wrong with them because we’ve done functionality tests.

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This is actually a no brainer – get a PS3. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, and if mine crapped out on me I’d go directly to the store and buy a new one.

So yes, regarding your query of getting the ‘cheapest video game console which plays blu ray’.... but there’s only one console that does, so whether its cheap or not won’t matter!

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