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Best way to get a campground reservation in Yosemite Valley?

Asked by lanahopple (455points) February 10th, 2012

I am planning a trip to Yosemite during this summer in the months of either June, July or August. I was wondering if anyone has ever been through the process of making reservations, and if you have been successful, I would LOVE to know how you went about that.

Also, do you have any tips on which place would be the most ideal in terms of proximity to good/intermidiate hiking trails??

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Go on craigslist for California and search “vacation rentals” in the Sacramento section if you are looking for lodges or cabins. If you are looking for regular camping within the park then I’d contact the park offices directly for their advice.

And…do not feed the bears! lol

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It has been so long! Yosemite was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It is absolutely amazing.

We just pitched a tent (which was fairly easy to do) and drove (no more than 30 minutes) in every direction to see the sights. Even back then there was a bit of a bear problem.. but they were only interested in your food.. not you as food. XD

Hope you have a great time.. and I know you will. Enjoy!

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I’m 3–4 hours from Yosemite, an hour from Tahoe in the Sierras. I’m open to couchsurfers, as long as your not a serial killer. Yosemite is stellar!

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Rent a Curry Village tent. It is easiest, and it is in the most beautiful location.

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Go alonline for Yosemite National Park and reead their reservation policies. I imagine most bookings open up and fill about a year in advance.

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“Yosemite is stellar!”

Interesting observation, in that one of my most memorable nights at Yosemite was seeing the galactic band, when we were on a ridge about 2,000 feet above the valley floor.

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@Brian1946 As close to heaven as one can get. :-)
Sheer magic!

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Be willing to wait, and be very lucky.

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Edit: online

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I’d call their informations department and speak to a representative for someone good old one on one convo :)

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Yosemite is amazing. Planning this trip is torture because it is just making me want to go right now!
I have been to their website, and I figured out which campgrounds we like, but now we have the dilemma of having chosen all first come first serve sites. Has anyone ever done that, and how risky is it to go without a reservation?

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What time of year are you going? Yosemite is very busy!

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During the summer, either June or July

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I have read that reservations open up on a certain date and time, and if you are the fastest on the phone or computer, you will get what you want – otherwise fuggedaboutit

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