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Have you ever been in a serious fight?

Asked by youknowconnor (264points) May 22nd, 2008

By fight I mean the physical kind. If so, who won?

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I was sitting on my porch and was beaten up by about 8 semi-random people. I got off one punch before getting knocked out. I woke up in a puddle of blood to the paramedics and police standing over me.

So yeah… I lost. That was my only serious physical fight.

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@johnpowell, I saw a friend get into a similar situation when we were in middle school. We were just walking around and suddenly like eight other guys came up and just didn’t like the look of him, so they attacked him. Two broken arms, major concussion, hospitalization, the works.

They were like ninjas man, disappeared like smoke.

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When I was a kid, a neighborhood kid was picking on my little brother. I got furious and pulled a big sheet of ice off a puddle and broke it over the kid’s head. Luckily for me, the ice was not as thick as this bully’s head. I was stunned in hindsight by the primitive stew of feelings that went along with that. I have worked on never letting myself get that angry again.

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I never have. I had cause at times when I was younger, but for some reason just never felt the impetus to escalate a conflict.

@jp, that sucks.

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When I was in 7th grade, I got jumped by a group of girls. The instigator was a hardcore bully who had been threatening to do it for weeks. She found me, started punching the crap out of me and while her friends held me down, something in me snapped. The next thing I knew, I had thrown her against a car, and was straddling her on the ground, punching her in the face. I distinctly remember feeling disconnected from the event and not knowing what the hell was going on, and being aware of the time passing and the raw violence. Her friends just kind of looked on not knowing what to do.

I screwed up her face pretty badly; there was blood everywhere and I broke her nose. When it occurred to me what I had done, I took off for home. It wasn’t something I was proud of; I was just happy to get out of there. I can’t imagine hitting anyone ever again.

In high school, this bully hooked up with a pretty rough, thug crowd, and got progressively more violent. She spent time in and out of jail and other institutions. When you look at her face, you can see the distortion in her nose. Needless to say, if I ever see her again, she’ll kill me. Seriously.

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When I was 6, a slightly older boy manhandled me. My father came out, held the boy firmly and had me kick him in the shins. True, it was the foot attached to a leg of a scrawny little girl, but today my father would probably have been arrested for child molestation.

That’s it. After that I chose the Quaker non-violent resolution.

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It was actually kinda nice to get a healthy beating. (After the trip to the hospital) I was about 24 at the time and I am not really afraid of getting beaten up now. I was before that.

I’m a skinny nerdy guy with glasses. I have been in lots of confrontations over the years. (Thanks Beer!) But, I have always talked my way out of them. Most fights are to impress people that will see it. Beating me up makes someone look pathetic.

140 pounds and 6’ isn’t really an ass you want to brag about kicking.

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When I was 14 I got my ass handed to me by 3 drunk men who took all my money. That prompted me to learn how to fight. I practice Aikido (have a black belt now) and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Never got into a fight since… Don’t know why but I guess when you know how to fight thugs sense that and are less likely to attack.

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in first grade my friend and I fought over a quarter

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@ kapuerajam ~ who got the quarter? Was it worth it? (no pun intended)

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no one really won, but I got to draw a picture as my punishment!

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I was 11yrs old, and sitting in the backseat of my mothers 71 mustang. My left leg was in a full cast (had gotten hit by a car & had a dbl compound fracture. Both bones had come out of the skin) a girlfriend of mine had been in my bedroom and had borrow my FAV shorts. I told her I wanted them back right now, to go upstairs take them off! She asked me who was going to make her & k opened my mouth & said me.

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Oppsss I wasn’t finished (k was supposed to I ) anyway, she opened the drivers doors moved the drivers backrest forward & started beating the daylights out off me! Were it not for my brother walking out, god only knows what she would have done to me. I remember telling her I’d get her back some day. Then sever years later at my 18th birthday party who showed up with my old boyfriend but Lenny!! I opened the door and said, hello Walter! Then looked at the girl and said, Lenny, is that you? She said yes, andy left hand came from behind my back in a full swing and connect with her face…. She look shocked and said, Sherry is that you? I shut the door in her face & walked back into my party….. Never did see her again!

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ive been in several fights. i got beat in the head by two dudes with skateboards one time. it split my eye open and my scalp. i checked into a hospital under a fake name and got it taken care of for free. last summer my little cousin died of an overdose. some dude came up to me a couple months later and said ” Im glad that mother@#$% is dead.” i beat that guy senseless. you don’t talk about the dead like that even if you didnt like them. it seems like i always got my glasses on in a fight and of course they get broke.

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Nope, never been in a fight. I’ve always kind of wanted to punch someone in the face though…just to see what it would feel like, know what I mean?

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no because im like 6’4

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