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What should I do tonight?

Asked by joefratt (42points) February 18th, 2012

I’m kind of tired and kind of bored, but don’t feel like staring at a tv with my g/f all night again. What might we do?

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Engage in the famous Satanic ritual of goat slaughtering.

or just rent a movie, man.

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Virgin Sacrifice?

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And after you have slaughtered the goats, read the entrails for the clue to your next activity.

Tidbit of the day: source

“In Roman and Etruscan religious practice, a haruspex was a man trained to practice a form of divination called haruspicy, hepatoscopy or hepatomancy. Haruspicy is the inspection of the entrails of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry. The rites were paralleled by other rites of divination such as the interpretation of lightning strikes, of the flight of birds (augury), and of other natural omens.

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@AshLeigh I highly prefer drinking the blood of virgins as I slaughter the goats!

@gailcalled Then he can look for hidden messages on the backs of their tongues.

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What do you like to do? If you are not sure what your interests are (beyond tv), it might be a great learning experience for you. Also, you might just find not doing anything is ok.

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Make a porno movie together and upload it to vimeo.

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Put on some music and play card or board games.

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Sacrifice a virgin goat, in a porn video, and upload it to vimeo…

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Make cookies, go for a walk, go to an art gallery, read out loud to one another, clean the house, braid each other’s hair.

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Go to, or better yet, partake in a donkey show. ;)

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Stare at a pc screen all night.

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Give each other a massage, by candlelight.

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Welcome to fluther!

Unless you’re a prior member under a different name.. you didn’t know that you already mapped out your night. You’ll probably be spending it here as @rebbel mentioned. Might as well check into an addiction clinic.

If you need real suggestions:
Maybe this could help.

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Light your farts on fire (sorry I was answering a fart question so it’s on my mind lol)

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Scrabble, if you have the game.

If not, strip poker.

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Mutual foot massages.

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Great suggestions. So far, dinner at a new place, stopped at a funky coffee house and listened to music while playing Battleship (!), home and played guitar, then mutual foot massages!

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No goat slaughtering? I’m offended.

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I’ll have to admit, I did think about goats as I was eating my dinner…

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You’re gonna light those farts as soon as dinner goes through ya right – huh HUH? lol

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You forgot to sacrifice a virgin…

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and a donkey show… :( lol

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@KateTheGreat I like how you think. I’m gonna go do that right now, and I’m not even bored!

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@joefratt That sounds like an excellent night!

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The comments on here make me laugh so much haha, you guys are hilarious :)

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…I was going after a goat, but it escaped. That mutha!

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@Symbeline – Would it help if it was a zombie goat?

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Man that would be crazy. Goats are hyper, I wonder what a zombie goat would be like…

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@augustlan Dude. That kicks ass!

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