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Would anyone be willing to change a tumblr layout?

Asked by andreasbmx (24points) February 22nd, 2012

Hi, I was trying to figure out how to change the padding(?) on my tumblr layout. this is my layout. I read on some other posts that people are reluctant to help because people change their layouts, but I would appreciate learning a little bit more about this.

Regardless, I was hoping I could get my blog looking more like this, while keeping the bg image. that blue behind the posts is what I was hoping to find out how to make, but instead of blue, 50% opaque gray.


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Customize, and mess around with the tables colors.

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that’s not really helpful at all. if you look at my blog you can clearly see I have nothing behind my posts. I need to add it.

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@andreasbmx People on Fluther are not particularly Tumblr-friendly (due to past Tumblr user misconduct). This may not be the best place to seek help.

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this I realize, as I had said above. I actually want to learn how to do this, I’m not going to throw the info away and forget about it.

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