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A biopic will be shot, of you(r life)! Who will play the leading and supporting role(s)?

Asked by rebbel (25207points) February 28th, 2012

Yes, I read it myself, today, in the Celebbel; Hollywood will film your life!
Only thing that you have to do is say yes, and tell the producers which actor (F/M) has to play your character.
And a supporting actor for that special, important other person(s) in your life, of course.

For me that would be Quentin Tarantino (the actor) playing rebbel and (to play my partner) Fran Drescher.

(Drescher…type it once on your keyboard (with one finger), if you please; feels nice!)

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Matt Lewis young me

Bruce Willis middle age me

Elisha Cuthbert is the bad girl who grew up to have a heart of gold.

Charlize Theron is the good girl who grew up to have no heart at all.

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I’d have to go with Patricia Arquette for myself and Christian Slater for my husband.

Here they are together (love this movie)

I can’t forget the young me. That would be Angelina’s Leg

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^bahaha Angelina’s leg?

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Edward Norton. It used to be Steve Landesberg, but he has passed.

My wife? Linda Ronstadt or Rachel Weisz.

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Can I play myself?
Funnily enough someone wrote a play about my life (ok, not a Hollywood blockbuster, I know) but he hasn’t let me read it yet. Probably presents the true me and not the me I’d like to think I am.

I’d like Antonio Banderas to play me (in the Hollywood version). Just because. Would be flattering :)

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Psht… if anyone could play “me” better than myself…..

“Someone fetch me an evian!!!”......“For fucks sake, I said BLUE m&m’s ONLY!”

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For some reason Charlton Heston leaps to mind. Can’t imagine why. I don’t really like his acting. With my luck, he’s probably dead, anyway.

Otherwise, there really aren’t any actors I can imagine playing me. They are all a bit too good looking and tall, for one thing. Unless that is two things. Are two things?

Hmmm. I don’t care if JLo or Cameron Diaz or Charlise Theron play my wife, so long as I get to sleep with them. I’ll write the love scenes. They’d have to do the research, you know, just to make sure they get it right.

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(I have been told by numerous people) Sarah Jessica Parker would play the role of current me. The role of the lead male supporting actor depends on if the movie is set now (Matthew Broderick ‘could’ fit’) or if it was the past serious relationship, Hector Elizondo).

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I want French actress BĂ©atrice Dalle to play me. Not that I look anything like that, but I’m a complete fan, plus all her roles are always so twisted.

My dad can be played by Jimmy Herman. My dad wasn’t an Indian, but his hair kinda looked like that, and he loved that show, North of 60, and Joe was his favorite character.

My ex boyfriend could be played by Jason Shwartzman. The actor kind of reminds me of him, plus my ex always had that beard stubble thing going on, and he was a nice version of Gideon Graves. XD

And one of my good friends can be played by Lucy Lawless, because she’s all tough and unforgiving. Although she has much shorter hair…

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Andrew Garfield, with Paul Rudd as my best friend, and Shailene Woodley (like she was in the Descendants, you know, cool, not any of her other roles, but I have faith in her growth as an actress) as the girl I’m chasing. Also, it’ll be set in New York, revolving around a coming-of-age plot where I catch the girl of my dreams, and we have a fling, but realize our paths are separate. It’ll have sort of a Henry & June eroticism, combined with the odd, quirkiness of Howl (the parts that worked), and leave off open-ended-like, but on a positive note, like the ending to (500) Days Of Summer.
@jonsblond That is a fantastic and abhorrently underrated flick! I’m glad it’s got some notice! :)

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@ddude1116 The scene with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper is one of the best parts of the movie. I can watch that movie any time it is on. =)

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Savannah Stehlin would play me as a kid. It kind of creeps me out how much she looks like I did as a teen (except my hair was not as big) The facial expressions and everything—too much.

Melissa McCarthy would probably play me as an adult. She doesn’t look too much like me, but there aren’t many good plus size actresses out there.

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@jonsblond It’s just a delight! They played off of each other so well! And Dennis Hopper was the most normal of them all! That just makes it more amusing!

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@rebbel if Fran Drescher is playing your partner, can I please Please PLEASE have a small role in your movie just so I can meet my Queen???

Otherwise it would be me being played by Jody Foster and my best friend would be played by Liv Tyler. Maybe Fran could actually play herself re-creating an episode of the Nanny that I would be watching on TV : )

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