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Do you have a favourite natural material? (details inside).

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) March 1st, 2012

I have this ‘connection’ with wood. Wooden bowls, cups, bangles, beads, boxes, wooden figures, wooden picture frames, wooden puzzles… I even collect wooden blocks that are left over from my dad’s building work. I just love the feel and look of it. Just wanted to know if anyone else has this kind of a attraction? to any natural materials like wood, marble, clay etc.

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I love glass. Especially beveled or textured glass.

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I love wood. Birch, birch bark, balsam, cedar, walnut, oak anything made out of the natural wood.

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Bamboo. I love the look of it, the color, the texture, the striations, everything. I tend to photograph bamboo whenever I’m out and about and see some. I’ve been to several Japanese gardens for the purpose of checking out multiple species of bamboo. I would love to have bamboo flooring in my house! Here is a lovely selection of different kinds of bamboo

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@chyna Cool :D
@Adirondackwannabe Yay, another wood lover. I love the look of pine and oak the best…
@Kardamom I never knew there different kinds of bamboo, that’s cool ^-^

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@MilkyWay This completely off the top of my head, but I think there’s like 142 varieties of bamboo.

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Water! I love the feeling of running 2 miles and drinking water when I’m dehydrated. It’s like replenishing my existence. I love drinking water when I’m dehydrated from drinking on a Friday night. I love drinking water anytime or any place.

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Red clay—the deeper the red, the better.

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Ooops, I read this question wrong lol.

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@Blackberry Lol, that’s okay, water is a material I guess :)
@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, I’m silly like that 0.0

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Glass and wood. I collect hand blown glass things.. bowls, bottles, baubles. I just love the colours and the way the light plays on the surface of beautiful, glass objects.

I also love wood and not just wood that has been crafted into some kind of object, but wood that is still part of the tree. I like to look at the patterns and textures of different bark.

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I love wood, and soft, worn leather.

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Wood, leather, does brass count?

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Glass and semi-precious gemstones like quartz and tiger’s eye. I like their appearance and smooth texture.

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I cannot choose only one! I love all natural materials! I love the warmth and interesting grains of wood and bamboo, I love granite and gemstones like malachite and agate, amber, hematite, garnet, jade, tiger eye, I love fieldstone especially when it’s in an old retaining wall, I love straw, and feathers and coral and…well, you get the idea,lol.

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@MilkyWay I went to look it up. I think the 142 varieties is just for garden use. There’s 1450 species of bamboo.

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Holy shmoly… :O

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and that is why this is one happy panda !!!!

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@Earthgirl Cool shot I love pandas.

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Oh! How could I forget moss? I LOVE moss! Oh my god, so much.

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@Earthgirl Pandas, like sloths, look like they’re always smiling and happy, SO CUTE!

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I love wood too! Hard woods and soft woods, the veins running through it, how it bends this way and that, how it smells, how it feels when it enters my….....................Oh whoops! Wrong kind of wood ;/

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deni Moss? You are always so surprising! I love it! Have you ever had a terrarium? When I was a kid we used to catch tiny baby toads and put them in a terrarium with moss and plants and stuff and feed them flies!!! (they couldn’t catch the flies, so we used to stun them with a fly swatter and then tear their wings off so the baby toads could catch them and devour them, lol.

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I love wood and cotton.

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Huon Pine- timber native to Tasmania

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My own freshly harvested compost, so rich in nutrients.

I love soil.

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Definitely wood. Just holding any wood you can feel the hardnes, softness, resiliency, and vibratiion in pretty much every piece you touch. Swing a wood baseball bat, karate chop a 1“X, strum and acoustic guitar, steer a wood boat through choppy waters, blow a hand made train whistle, swing on a tree branch and you can feel the alive dynamic that only wood can duplicate.

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Silk is nice. Always feels cool and smooth and clean. And silky.

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I definitely have a thing about gold. Such beauty is matched only by its value. Silver doesn’t do much for me. But I can dig bronze and brass especially when they are highly shined.

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Wood, I love taking a twisty, strange looking piece of wood and freeing the creature living in there by carving out the unnecessary wood surrounding it. Then I love sanding it down and seeing the grain pop out in the most amazing whirls and twirls.

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@Earthgirl hahaha! It can be so soft and kushy and lovely. One of my close friends makes jewelry and belt buckles and art that involve moss and man I just think it’s so cool.

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Wood, leather, stone, cotton and linen, all very important in my life.

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I like wood, too, the deep oaks and rich mahoganies, leather, too. Silk is also very nice, and I really like the modern look of sleek and matte designs. Actually, I’m not all that picky, as long as everything flows in style.

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@deni I too love moss, especially the specific green color that it has. My favorite color combo in the whole world is Mossy Green paired with the color of the inside of a Ruby red grapefruit

@Earthgirl, as usual, you are a woman after my own heart. The mention of the fieldstone wall made me think of England and Ireland!

@Blackberry, I think water is an excellent choice. I sometimes experience ecstatic feelings when coming upon a lake or a stream, especially one’s that are in the Mountains

@Adirondackwannabe If you ever get out to California, one of the best collections of bamboo can be found at the gardens of the Huntington Library. They have more than 75 varieties. They have a formal Japanese garden, where some of the bamboo is located, but they also have another garden that is specifically dedicated to different kinds of bamboo. That is the first place I ever saw Black Bamboo and I almost swooned.

@rooeytoo My favorites in the woods are the burled woods like Walnut and Birds Eye Maple And I have a few samples of some type of evergreen bark that picked up off the ground last time I was camping, in which the bark has been lived in by Termite Larvae that’s pretty cool.

And I just thought of another thing, Sand Dunes

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@Kardamom Wow.
Thanks for answering guys! :D

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@Kardamom – beautiful, I love the grain of different woods. But what do you mean by “buried” woods?

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@rooeytoo Not buried (with an i) but burled (with an L). That is any kind of wood that has a pattern that looks like “eyes” or knots or waves. Like knotty pine or this cabinet made of Burled Curly Redwood

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heheh, omg, I have to start wearing my glasses when fluthering!!! Of course, I know what burl is! Thank you for your patience @Kardamom

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@Kardamom I had a client that had a huge den in their farmhouse. It had a beautiful flagstone fire place and some great dark wood furniture. And the walls were done entirely in polished knotty pine. Unbelievably beautiful.

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@Adirondackwannabe Plus it’s also fun to write it out as naughty pine Hee Hee.

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