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Have you ever been attracted to someone who resembled you physically?

Asked by DominicX (28777points) July 13th, 2009

This question probably works better with homosexuals, but I’m asking this to everyone. Don’t laugh at me, Disco.

The guy I am currently most attracted to (it’s been the same guy for years now) apparently resembles me physically. I’ve had more than one person say that, and not just on the internet. :)

Has this ever happened to you? Does this have any significance psychologically?

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No, but I have seen this happen once to Jerry Seinfeld.

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My ex-boyfriend was 4 inches taller than me. Same hair color, same eye color, same skin type, same body type, similar facial structure. I thought we were pretty much made for each other. (I guess not.)

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No, both the guys and girls i’ve been attracted to have looked quite differently from me. And I’ve only dated blond, blue-eyed guys, and i’m a black, brown-eyed girl. not that I purposely seek out those physical features, it’s just the luck of the draw

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I frequently see couples who look similar in coloring, body type, hair color.

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@AstroChuck :: Wasn’t it George that hooked up with a woman that looked like Jerry?

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@ryanpowell- Wasn’t it Jerry and Janeane Garofalo?

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@AstroChuck :: Ahhh. I remember that. I think both things happened.

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so this might be weird. had a fling with this girl that kind of looked like me, just… attractive, you know? blonde hair, almost the same colour eyes, defined cheek bones and jaw. she had bigger boobs though

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perhaps in romantic partnerships, but definitely in friendships this has surfaced for me. i am almost thirty and as a woman, can say, it’s undeniable that (along the way) the gals i call my best friends after three decades happen to look very much like me.

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 for a boy named boobs that’s pretty deep.

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Okay, good to know I’m not a total weirdo. This kid I like and I both have the same haircut, a similar [big] nose and other facial features, similar height, body size, build, and our birthdays are 12 days apart.

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I’ve dated a couple of red headed guys, but the number is statistically insignificant. I’ve dated just about every possible physical description of guy there is, and the redheads are almost the smallest group in the bunch!

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@augustlan wait, what? small like…the size of their penis. i don’t get the correlation. are you red haired?

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@hopscotchy lol I’d assume so since the topic is about dating people that look like you.

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@hopscotchy A) The smallest number (almost) of any ‘type’ I’ve dated. I only dated one Pakistani guy, so he’d actually be the least represented. B) I’m a red headed woman. :P

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unless @augustlan has a small penis, that is…

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that’s very interesting. i’m going on a hunch here, and mostly because i’d do the same but it seems like the men are lumped together based on hair color alone. statistically there are fewer red headed men than blonde or brown, but i’ve never dated a red headed man and i have brown hair. infact, i’ve only one male friend with red hair. but here you’ve dated a couple. @DominicX that settles it. we all just kinda want to be with ourselves. sweet sweet narcissism.

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no, I don’t think I have. Not even remotely actually.

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Not really. In fact, I’m more attracted to those whose physical features I admire.

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I can’t imagine being turned on by a six foot woman with a beard.

On a number of occasions I have had a relationship with a woman who was very similar in attitude, outlook and education. It didn’t work.

Maybe I should re-phrase that.


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That would be beyond creepy, even more than these couples that dress alike.

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Yeah, I have been. I went to a conference at the end of June and remember distinctly saying to a friend “I keep noticing that girl over there, but she looks too much like me for me to be able to sleep with her…” Haha.

I’ve never dated anyone who looked a lot like me though. I’ve dated other brown haired brown eyed people, but I’ve never dated anyone with curly hair, which mine is, nor anyone who was similar facially to myself. (The girl at the conference was pale like me, had a similar haircut and curly brown hair and a similar body type… it was too much! Different facially, and she had hazel eyes but… yeah. Still too much.)

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I like tall slim guys with a quirky sense of humor and blue eyes, so yeah, I’ve been attracted to guys that look like me. If I found a female that resembled me, I’m not sure what to think especially if she was hung better than I am. =)

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I’m not a lesbian, but I do find women to be attractive, so No, the people I find attractive don’t resemble me

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I would never avoid dating or being with someone because they resembled me. His eyes are a different color and his hair is a different color; that’s different enough for me. ;)

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People tell me that Milo and I are the spitting image of each other.

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I’m marrying my identical twin as soon as gay marriage is legalized here. He’s absolutely gorgeous—the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

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