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Do you ever just want to know what's going on in other people's lives?

Asked by Blackberry (30974points) March 5th, 2012

We see all of these strangers everyday, but don’t know anything about them. Don’t you ever want to know what secrets they know? What their secrets are?

I don’t care about what they’re going to eat for dinner, but the really good stuff. I wouldn’t want to do anything with the information, but it would just be interesting to know, lol. I know I’m not the only one…..

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I have many good friends on Fluther. You know how inquisitive cops are, so if I have a question, I just go to their pm and ask, like, “how has your day been?” I never get personal, unless that person asks a personal question first.

Yes, I would like to know, but that is what keeps us wondering.

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Yes, I often wonder “I wonder what their life must be like… what do they do, where do they live, do they love someone, are they happy, where are they going?” after seeing random people on the streets.

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~ I am glad you asked- I am having leftovers for dinner and just got done writing up some amazing augmented reality stuff that I truly believe is the future of gaming. :D

I am curious about you- @Blackberry what have you done in the last day you are happy about?

Actually I love to people watch for just that. It is fascinating to see others and imagine what they are all about.

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I often imagine what it might be. I give them stories. Sometimes I send my imagination into their heads and look out at the world through their eyes. Just for a minute.

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I have too many people I know, to learn more about, to worry about how strangers live; but human interest stories are my favorites. How do people live the lives they have? You might call it being nosy and I couldn’t deny it.

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@Dog My life is pretty boring. This weekend I went to a big bar to drink for St. Patricks day. Then the rest of the weekend I stayed inside and played video games and watched movies.

I also cleaned my kitchen and mopped the floor.

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^My ideal life right there. Just + food into it.

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No. Infact the people I already know talk too much about their mundane daily concerns. haha

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Close friends, yes. Other than that, not really. I like all of you guys and some of you will become close friends. Then I’ll be interested in the most secret parts of your lives.

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I’m always curious about that.

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I generally like a good story. But I need to care about the character. There are people who look interesting and there are people who don’t look like they think all that clearly.

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Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life. I’m also very observant with people, and like to be a “Fly on the wall” and invisible when I’m in public places, like the train station or shopping mall.

In Los Angeles you see MANY interesting people, guess it’s the same with New York.

I always wonder to myself what difficulties they have- what hardships they are going through. I look at their clothing, posture, demeanor, etc… I’m very keen and observant in that way.

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One event that really struck me and have remembered thus far in my brain, is the image of a full grown man crying on the bus. Now I’ve seen people of all types cry. Young, old, men, women, children, cats, etc. But this was different…

He was sitting polar opposite of me on the train. He looked like he was about 34 or 35. His face had the expression of deep worry and deep pain, in his heart.

He started sobbing to himself, and I could tell everyone around me was also taken by this.

No one asked if he was okay or why he was crying. Being on the bus it is usual to expect that people will mind their own business and stay out of situations that have involvement.

I sat in my seat looking and staring at this man crying. I wondered to myself what had happened to him – to make him cry so intensely, and in public also.

I’m aware that men of course do cry, but seeing a full grown man cry in public just hit another nerve of me.

It made me feel humble, and it made me question to this day what was going on in that man’s life.

Had he committed a crime? Did someone die in his family? Was he schizophrenic or emotionally disturbed ? Did he lose someone that was very near and dear to his heart?

I will never ever know, and probably no one was ever meant to know.

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I see a lot of people hanging around on lawn chairs during the Summer. They just lay there for hours, and I always wanna go up to them and ask, hey man, so what the hell you doing out here? What you thinking about? But if I did that, it would prolly seem really weird and invading. :/

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Always. Like you, it’s not that I want to do anything with the information, I just enjoy learning it. I love talking to relative strangers, and getting to that point where they open up and let you in to their deeper lives.

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I can’t say that I’ve ever had that desire, at least that I can remember.

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As a kid I often wondered. ”They look like they have a nice family” ”I wonder what it’s like at their home on the weekends” etc.

As an adult and a property manager I’m sorry to report that there are things that can’t be unseen once you’ve seen them. I now have opinions (judgements) of certain professionals and certain personality types. I know precisely what the inside of their home looks like and what they do/don’t do in the way of cleaning and organizing. Ick!

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