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Is this song a good example of the "innocent age" of rock and roll music? (see inside}.

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 7th, 2012

This song came out in the mid 60s. It was a controversial song then and asked how a girl could be ready for first-time love. Question: if this song were heard today for the first time, do you believe it would be accepted by the general public or since times have changed, would it be “too innocent”?

“Are You Ready” Barabara Mason on Youtube.

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Wow JP. That’s pretty song. Did I get the right one? The Album looks like it was Are You Ready.

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Adiron, great song, huh? There were so many great songs then. Thanks for bringing this forward to the rest to hear. U r a good friend.

Yep, that’s the best version. Thanks.

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Seems really tame to me.

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You can read into it what you want. It all depends on what you think an innocent experience would entail. It also depends on what you think the words “fall in love” mean depending on who is saying them.

To me, this is an innocent song. The singer is so young, she can’t keep on pitch. She doesn’t have good control yet. These days, they’d probably force her to be on pitch with autotune. Anyway, she struggles to hold the song together.

They have “produced” her by giving her background singers, both male and female, as well as an orchestra. You can just imagine her being picked up off a street corner or from a high school gym by some producer in Detroit, and rushed to the studio to put out a single that becomes a hit in a week. I think that’s what they did in Motown.

In any case, she sounds like a singer from the sophomore class, up on stage during a talent show or maybe at a dance. Maybe she twinkles at the audience.

But in a way it is not innocent at all because it is so over-produced. And there was and still is a controversy about whether the song is about being ready to have sex or not. It’s fucked up, I think.

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