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What are the protest songs nowadays?

Asked by laureth (27133points) October 17th, 2012

Back in the day, the younger generation had protest songs that they would sing or listen to in order to show their dissatisfaction with the way things are going. From Woody Guthrie to Barry McGuire, these compelled action and reflection about the state of the world.

There’s still a ton of crap going on in the world that is worth protesting in song, but nowadays I don’t seem to be hearing much protest music. Where are the songs about the war(s), the environmental mess we’re making, the economic inequality? Perhaps I’m a little old and out of touch with the music the “kids” are currently listening to, but I can’t really discern any protest songs at all. What am I missing out there?

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Charlie Winston – In Your Hands is a recent song that seems well qualified as a protest song, to me. I guess I’d say there’s a lot more out there now that might be better termed dissatisfaction songs than protest songs – like Primus’ newest album, Green Naugahyde. And most of Radiohead‘s ouevre.

Oh! I know! Tom Morello’s solo project The Nightwatchman.

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James McMurtry – We can’t make it here anymore

Cass Dillion – Christmas in Fallujah (Actually a Billy Joel song, somewhat dated but…)

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Jackson Browne is on it.

Also, this was one of my favourite recent protest songs. There are others in mainstream music, to be sure.

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Richard Shindell – Fishing

Nice to see another Tom Russell fan here.

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Hey, I resemble that remark! I am from “back in the day.”
Since I’m waterfowl fancier and have pet geese my song these days is ” give geese a chance.” lol

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Green Day’s “American Idiot” was in many ways a protest album. And has put out a few political songs.

There were a few “occupy” inspired songs last year, but none were memorable. Other than that, there’s not a lot of protesting going on, so people aren’t clamoring for songs.

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I love Greendays 21 Guns and Do you know your enemy songs, I feel like breaking out my drums now but it’s too early, I’ll get arrested for disturbing the peace. lol

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Bright eyes – when the president talks to god

Conor oberst – Roosevelt room

Radiohead – The gloaming

And every single song Tom morello is apart of!

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