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Caption competition! Name that acronym caption to the news photo (#6).

Asked by rebbel (34235points) March 12th, 2012

Lets do this again (again), I thought it to be quite amusing first (and second and third and fourth and fifth) time around!
Watch this news picture and give a solution for the acronym caption that goes with it (please)!

The caption: 21.000. T. P. I. D. S.

Original caption will follow in due time.

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21,000 th place in dog show.

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“My husband thinks he is going to take my silver trophy to the pawn shop and buy beer money with it. I have news for him, no way. On the way home “Poopsie” and I will stop at the bank and place this trophy in a safety deposit vault”

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21,000 troubled perverts initiate doggie sex.

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21,000 total pounds in dog shit.

I’m guessing the original is 21,000 top prize in dog show?

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21,000 Tangles Perturb Irritable Doggie Stylist

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21,000 Tonails Painted In Dog Show

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Oh wait, I have another one:
21,000 Tongues Panting in Dog Show.

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21,000 Tiny Parasites Infest Dense Shag

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21,000 Tresses Permanently Impede Dog’s Sight.

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21,000 tic population impersonate Drama-queen Snookie

(yes, it’s lame. I was trying to somehow make this about taliban soldiers beheading dog with a comb)

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21,000 Trophies Provide Insecure Dogs Solace.

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