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When will Disney offer the Hunger Games park?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) March 24th, 2012

How long do you think it will take for Disney to develop a Hunger Games park for the kiddies to pretend in? They are currently advertising the Harry Potter rides and what not, so why not a Hunger Games arena?

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Oh that’s cold.

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The Harry Potter park is at Universal, not Disney.
The Hunger Games film was produced by LionsGate, and distributed by Universal, I believe.
Once again, not Disney.

So, will Universal create a Hunger Games park? I can’t imagine, since the object is to kill everyone you see.
Coincidentally, in the books, the arenas used for the Hunger Games became tourist attractions.

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Harry Potter was big for a decade before the park was announced. Sure, Hunger Games is big right now – but does it have the staying power to justify pouring tons of money into a permanent park? Many books have their 15 (or even 50) minutes of fame and don’t get parks.

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One of the reasons Harry Potter is likely to remain popular almost forever is that the world it is set in is as engaging a character as any of the people in the books. It sets a world that is magical and fantastic, yet is just inches away from us and maybe if you tapped on the wall the right way or squinted quickly, you’d find it.

It has even more appeal than Narnia because Rowling added so many mundane details so just about anyone who reads the book could picture themselves living in the Wizard world and living out their entire lives, perfectly content if they never met Harry or Hagrid. Even if you worked as a low level toadie office peon at the Ministry, you’d still be at the Ministry, you know?

I think few books or movies make a world that attainable and desirable to a large number of people. I think books like that are so few and far between. There’s Oz, Narnia and Hogwarts. You could argue for Discworld, but it’s not the same since there is no way for us to “sneak in”. And I guess you could say Xanth is like that, but it’s way too cutesy and full of puns to ever really pretend you believe in it.

I think it doesn’t say anything bad about the hunger games to say it’s world isn’t nearly as engaging. I loved the books, but I really thought the society was a bit sparse on the details. And it certainly wasn’t a place you’d want to visit or live except perhaps to meet the characters.

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“why not a Hunger Games arena?”

Because parents want to come out with as many kids as they brought in.

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I can’t wait for the Twilight theme park.

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