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What do you think some of the reactions would be if President Obama appeared in public wearing a hoodie?

Asked by Brian1946 (28278points) March 24th, 2012

My question is based partly on an opinion defecated by Geraldo Rivera.

It’s also based on an image I had of the President giving a speech or going to the grocery store wearing one.

I fully sympathize with the family and loved ones of Trayvon Martin, so I mean no disrespect to his memory or them in asking this question.

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My image of a president is in a suit or business casual clothes. If he did wear a hoodie, I’d be mildly surprised.

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I would be somewhat surprised, too, but it would sure send a clear message! Photograph is worth a thousand words! I would like to see it.

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“I would like to see it.”

Me too.

I wonder what would happen to Zimmerman if he tried to make a “citizen’s arrest” on a black man wearing a hoodie, if that man just happened to be surrounded by Secret Service agents. ;-)

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He isn’t my president but if he was nipping down to the local shop to buy a carton of milk or out for a jog or something – I wouldn’t care.

I would care more about the decisions he was making and policies he was enacting.

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This week on CountDown, Keith Olbermann has been wearing a hoodie.
It was a nice show of solidarity.
I think it would be a bit silly for the president to wear such a thing. People laughed at Jimmy Carter for wearing sweaters.

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I could care less. He is only a man and why shouldn’t it be okay to wear whatever he wants on his off stage time? Poor guy, he just can’t win. lol

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Both Clinton and Bush jogged in jogging clothes (and not a three-piece navy suit) that got sweaty.

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JFC, that article makes me so angry. Victim-blaming for a murder? This is a horrible new low. It’s appalling.

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It would be OK if Obama was exercising or on a camping trip wearing a hoodie, but not for a press conference or a speech. That would be a display of general lack of presidential bearing or professionalism.

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This is the former Australian PM on one of his daily walks. He was often photographed in a tracksuit out exercising.

Here he is watching a sporting event.

Here is one of the opposition leader enjoying his sporting activity (surely this is worse than a hoodie!).

Honestly, I do not get why anyone would care if Obama was seen in a hoodie? If he started turning up to official events or even to daily meetings in casual attire, perhaps I could see the fuss, but being seen in casual attire otherwise is unprofessional how?

I understand about the original news story about the child who was shot and for the life of me I can’t understand why wearing a hoodie should in any way explain or justify shooting a child but I also don’t get why it should matter if your president wears a hoodie casually? Perhaps someone can explain this to me?

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He’d be accused of ‘turning’ the incident into a racial situation (as if it wasn’t already one, and as he has already been accused of doing), or perhaps a fashion situation.

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I’d love to see that. I’d think nothing of it. Wearing a suit all the time gets boring.

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I think his tiny head would get lost in the hood making him appear like Ben Kanobi.
This would be a good thing to laugh at & therefore i’d be all in favour of him adopting the look.

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