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If someone bought you a winning lottery ticket, would you share your winnings?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) March 25th, 2012 from iPhone

Does it matter how much?
– What if it were $250?
– What if it were $2.5 million?

Does it matter who it is?
– A co-worker?
– A friend?
– A family member?

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I think I would. If I gave the person the money to go get it for me, then yes, I think I would. After all, I only spent a dollar, which I would have lost if I hadn’t won, so I’m still coming out with more money than I had to begin with. It wasn’t earned money and you aren’t losing any money by sharing it with the buyer of the ticket. Although, I would never expect that if the shoe was on the other foot that I should expect the same treatment, and I would never ask for some of the winnings, but I’d happily accept some if it was offered.

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I’ll decide after he gives me the ticket. : )

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If it were a smaller amount of money, I’d share it with my husband…

If it were a fortune… I would share some of it with my son and grandson!

But you have to play to win… and I don’t! :)

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In general, yes. Probably about 10%. It does depend a bit on the circumstances.

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I figure a 15% tip would be appropriate :)

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Well, they obviously bought it for me in the hopes that I’d win it. You don’t buy a lottery ticket for someone and hope they don’t win anything. lol But yes, I would give them a percentage of it.

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I think it depends on the amount. If someone gave me a ticket and it won $5, I’d probably keep it because giving a small amount seems kind of silly to me. My husband and I have already said if we ever hit the powerball (which we rarely play) we will give some to several of our friends/family.

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Most likely.

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I am with Josie on this one. A 15% gratuity would seem sufficient.

15% of one million dollars is a lot of money.

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I would share. A higher percentage depending on the amount won.

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Sure. I ain’t got much as it is… if the contributed to helping me to better myself financially, then hell yeah! I’d hook em’ up. And my close family and friends…..and if you weren’t my friend before I got it….you’de be OUT. :)

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Of course.

A little story: one co worker got another co worker a prank lottery ticket. They agree if they both win to split it. They guy scratches it and says he didn’t win anything, but in an act of subterfuge, hides it under a newspaper on the table.

One of the worst awkward moments ever ensued, and those guys aren’t friends anymore.

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@Blackberry Really? That’s so weird. How much did the guy win?

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If I won some petty amount, then probably not. But I might take them out to dinner or something. Lol. If I won some huge ass amount though, for sure I’d share. Least I could do lol.

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This reminds me that my boss bought me a lottery ticket for being employee of the month last December. I though that that was nice of her and then I noticed that the ticket was for the previous week’s drawing. I thought, “Who is she trying to kid?” HA! But the joke was definitely on me.

$250 isn’t much of a lottery win. It is so small that I’d be happy to share half of it with the ticket giver.

As for the $2.5 million, I’ll share well over half of that in local, State and Federal taxes so that is plenty of sharing already. I would be more generous if I won $250 million.

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are lottery winnings not tax free where you live?

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You have to pay taxes on lottery winnings here.
I would be pretty generous. I would improve my life, sure, but I would improve a lot of other peoples as well. I know a lot of people who are hurting.

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I would give half of the winnings to that person. No doubt in my mind.

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I would. Kind of like a finder’s fee, so I wouldn’t split it 50–50, but would give a smaller percentage. 10 or 15 percent seems reasonable, for big winnings. If we’re talking $20, I’d probably buy them lunch or a drink with it.

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No I wouldn’t really share it. I mean, I’d give my parents some money, buy my momma stuff she wanted, but I don’t really have people to share it with. I’m sure I’d treat my friends to some food, maybe not. But if I won a million dollars in the lottery, I’d save it and use it towards my schooling, travel, and buying a house.

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I would definitely give them something depending on how much I won. That only seems fair.

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@Nimis it was for $10,000. When he saw him, hide it, he brushed it off then asked him later. The other guy of course said he didn’t win anything, lol.

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I would share it with my wife and children, and perhaps with some of my favorite charities, depending on how much it was.

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Most likely that someone would be a family member of mine (as those are the only people that have bought/given me a lottery ticket in the past).

For me, I’d only feel comfortable keeping half of the winnings. Even if I won the lottery from me buying a ticket, I’d keep half at most.

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I would at least give them a decent amount of the sharings but I’m not sure I would go as far as half.

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