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Demand it in cash.
Pay off all of my debts. Except the house. Screw the house.
Buy a house in Sweden.
Start a business in my new home.

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Pay off debt, buy my mother a house and car, and by myself a Nissan GT-R and a small house if I had anything left lol.

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Well now let’s see. That’s about £630,000. I guess i’d be pissed that I didn’t stay at home & won a million pound instead.

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After I paid taxes, I’d probably have maybe 600K left. I’d save it. A million bucks just ain’t worth a million bucks any more!

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Make sure it’s secure and not being used to fund anything I don’t approve of. Start my own nation, expand, grow, go to war with the USA. It won’t last long but so much will be destroyed. Jk, brb fbi.

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okay, change that to a large sum of money. I’d rather win a million pounds than a million dollars considering I’m British, I just presumed that there’d be more american jellies out there :)

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I’d get it all in cash, put the money in a briefcase, then go to an unsavory strip club where I would then advertise that I had a honkin’ great load of cash in my briefcase and see which stripper would go home with me.

And then I would act surprised when her boyfriend shows up, beats me up, and they both run off with my money.

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@mrentropy ahahaha, i love it

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I’d blow half on family & friends & invest the rest.

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@ninahenry I can’t claim to be original; it’s already happened. Not to me, though.

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@mrentropy well I’m glad you’re okay :)

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pay student loans/ vehicle loan off
give my parents a comfortable amount of money
travel a bit
invest…in something. ha.
give money to help build a new boxing club : ours is pretty old,andrundown: it leaks when it rains
help out friends/family

ah. if only.

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Pay off my 20 yr old student loan, buy a new car, make a lot of yummy tomato sandwiches, then travel on my new sailboat.

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Sell my house and buy land where I would create my husbands dream business of owning a karting track in combination with my dream of eventualy having a club on the same property, club house, pool, tennis courts, maybe a driving range? I like the idea of having an inn for people to spend the weekend. We would have corporate events, birthday parties. Associationa and clubs such as Porsche Club of America, Mercedes, and BMW could have events there. The money would not cover building everything at once, but it would get us started on the land, track, and main garage.

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get out of the navy….. and relax

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i would put some retreaded tires on my car! Have that one shingle replaced on my roof. And, buy me some crackerjacks…whole case!

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As I have said every time this question comes up:

I would put it all in a 501c foundation, meaning other people could make tax exempt contributions, then hire my entire family to work for the foundation by reading grant requests and choosing worthy recipients. With careful management, this could provide several generations of family members with guaranteed jobs.

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I would buy a house. Up North , and one Down south. become a snow bird. I would travel the world.

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Make the biggest damn party ever for my friends and me, with tanks of booze and salad bowls filled with cocaine.

Actually I’d probably just save it. I don’t even think a million dollars is all that much these days.

I would get my ass out of this damn redneck town though, that’s for sure.

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I would invest a portion in my new business venture and do some globe trotting. But first, I’d cash it out all in ones. I always wanted to roll around in a large pile of $$$$.

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Complain to my newly purchased hot girlfriend about not having enough money.

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Pay off all my bills and debts before anything else and get a car that isn’t about to fall apart at any moment. After that, I don’t know what I’d do, probably save some and enjoy some.

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Well, we’d pay off our home loan, maybe get a new car, buy a couple of random thingies that we need for the house, put some aside for our next holiday away, and maybe buy another house to rent out, and probably put some aside which we’ll use to open another business. ($1million is a lot more money in South Africa! Hehe…..)

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everyone says pay off debts. classic. After i paid off mine I would…buy alot of booze..and if i managed not to blow the rest on things like the worlds largest paperclip collection, A house..out in the woods, know what i mean?.. and save enough money to have groceries and stuff delivered to me. And that’s it..I’d grow old, my only friend the grocery guy, stare at the computer screen till i get cataracs..then use my new brail keyboard to download audio books.

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I’d buy a solid gold toilet, with a ruby flush handle.

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Add an extension to my house and buy gold coins with the rest.

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Pay off my student loans and get back the 50% of my take home pay that now goes to the theives at Sallie Mae.

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