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Do you ever dread going out in public?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) March 29th, 2012

Sometimes I really do, especially if I’m in a bad mood. I dread going to Walmart or the grocery store, because I know I’m probably gonna get annoyed/pissed about something, so I end up procrastinating as long as possible :D

Do you ever dread leaving your house to “mingle” with other people?

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You dread going out to Walmart because of the crazy people, yet you come here?

Yes, I am getting to the point that I try to buy up enough stuff to last me a couple weeks so I don’t have to go out. People are so rude and mean so much of the time, that I just hate going out.

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No, I mainly dread going to Walmart because of our “local rednecks” and the people who are so fucking lazy they get a motorized cart, then run me over with it.

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Only places like the grocery store where I have to deal with slow idiots. Other than that I like going out, but I usually end up thinking this.

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Yes, I do. I had a bad habit when I was younger of accepting invitations then backing out at the last minute. I have trained myself out of doing that, It cost me a friendship.

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I don’t dread going out. I just prefer to be at home. When I go out I feel I need to look presentable and that takes a little extra effort.

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Oh, often. Quite often. I deal with it and go out anyway, but no matter how the day unfolds (even if I have a surprisingly pleasant day), I’m much happier by the time I get home.

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Yep, I too have days like this @WillWorkForChocolate. I put it off instead of just getting my butt out there are getting it done. I try to think of an out of the house ‘reward’ that makes me look forward to the outing…like a hot chai or something along those lines.

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Well, it looks like I have a reason to not go today. I just got a call that my mom is having heart trouble and they’re planning to do a heart cath. Can you say freaked out? Fuck.

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The only time I really dread shopping is during the afternoon when most people get off of work or school. That’s when all the crazy, impatient people shop because they are in a rush to get home. Shopping when most people are working or in school isn’t that bad at all.

What I do dread is going to planned events where I am forced to mingle and make small talk.

@WillWorkForChocolate sorry to hear. Hope she is ok.

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I’m the opposite of most of you. When I’m in a really bad mood, I often like to go some place where there are people. I walk around the bookstore, or take the dog to the park. I get something to eat where I expect the service people to be nice.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Good luck to your Mom and a hug to you!

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So sorry to hear of your mom’s heart trouble. {{{{{{Healing Thoughts}}}}}} @WillWorkForChocolate

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Only when I’m with all 3 of my sisters, my mom, and my aunt.

Crazy Latina women, going to the store to buy clothes, won’t go well.

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Also when going to the grocery store, because I buy a lot of weird foods, and I know the cashier will say something, which almost ALWAYS happens.

And, I think little kids are like, afraid of me.

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Going to the grocery store usually makes me anxious but I don’t dread it. In fact, going almost anywhere in a car makes me anxious just thinking about it. I think it has to do with my ex and how he acted in our car a few times which was so awful it screwed up my serotonin or something.

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I try to make all my trips count for as much as possible. Yeah the wal-mart factor but I’m not sure if that is a guy thing or do women hate that place too. I’m thinking not.
My area was the recipient of two BRAC influxes and the traffic has become yet more brutal so I now really hate driving. That is really complicated by extreme mobile phone use while driving. Used to be about 10 cars could get through a light before time was up. Now it’s around 4, so 6 out of about 10 will wait twice. Last time I checked, a vehicle gets 0 mpg when the wheels are not rolling. And it has to be contributing to higher gas prices on top of it all. Can’t wait for them to be banned in cars but like any law designed to adjust behavior, it won’t have as much impact as lawmakers think.

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Only when I have to and I really don’t want to!

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Sometimes I do dread it. I try to go shopping early on weekdays so that I’m done and home before the after school/after work crowd is on the roads and in the stores.
I went this morning. It seemed to be Senior day lots of amigos and blue hair.

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By the way @WillWorkForChocolate I love your topics!
Hope your mom is OK, thinking of you.

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Nah, but I don’t relish the prospect of tackling the geriatric obstacle course that is the local supermarket. Get out of my way, stop gossiping in the aisles & go read a book or something.

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Yes, all the time. I have social anxiety, hyperawareness and such. When I am in public I hear every little sound ..smell every smell, etc. It is way too much sensory imput for me. I do not usually go out alone, unless it’s just driving – I have no issue with that; I am ok in nature too. My partner is my rock when we go out in a public/crowded place – she is what I try to centre on.

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Yep, I most certainly do. I tend to feel quite anxious at times and hate the thoughts of going out, especially to supermarkets, etc. I find it best to avoid crowded places when I’m feeling like that.

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Lately, yes I do but it’s not the mingling with other people that’s the problem, it’s the logistics of getting out and negotiating obstacles like public transport whilst in a wheelchair.

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I dread going out MOST of the time and not because I just want to avoid places like Walmart. I seriously am not happy outside my home. I become very irritated and sometimes I notice when I’m out that I breath very little. Very shallow breaths. I really don’t like to be bothered with people because even the smallest amount of interaction just drains me. I hate crowds and I don’t like it if someone “accidentally” bumps into me. It takes days and weeks for me to build up to have a simple hour long conversation with someone so when I go out I try and make one huge trip and get everything I need so I don’t have to do it again anytime soon. Oh my my real pet peeve is when sales people walk up on me in the store and ask if I need any help. I want to say “Go away, if I needed help I would have come looking for you!” I wouldn’t be exaggerating to admit that I can spend days alone and be perfectly content. It’s always been my dream to live on a very rural farm far away from anyone who could annoy me.

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It’s not the people I’s the waste of time. I HATE shopping for food or for anything else, even if we really need it. I’d rather be Doing Something Else. (Was that you who rammed me with her shopping cart for looking at the bras you wanted to look at Chocolate?)

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No no no, I’m a very polite cart pusher. :)

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I didn’t say you hit me hard!

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^Girls, girls. Trade chocolate and hug each other.

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I’ll hug her, but she can’t have my chocolate.

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gimme your chocolate!!

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Drop the chocolate and back away slowly, and nobody gets hurt.

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Give. Me. The. Chocolates.

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Fuck you, it’s MY chocolate! I still love you though.

You can have some chocolate next week. I need it this week. :D

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…do you not see the fiery sword???

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I’ve got a shovel, I ain’t skeered.

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See. You can’t hurt me now. I’m a ‘fenless girl with purple hair. See?

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I still wouldn’t give up my chocolate.

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