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Is a Bavarian cream filled donut filled with a heavy white cream or a yellow custard like filling?

Asked by JLeslie (54570points) March 29th, 2012

I always have to ask if a donut is filled with white cream or yellow, because I find the yellow to be awful. The wrong cream and I cannot eat it.

To me Bavarian Cream is white and custard is yellow. But, it seems most of my facebook friends agree Bavarian cream is the yellow custard.

What say you?

I’m hoping our German friends chime in. Maybe in Germany they don’t even use the term.

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I don’t know the world of donuts very well, but in classical pastry, a Bavarian cream is a custard that has had whipped cream folded into it, and is stiffened with gelatin.

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You can take it from me who worked years in his dad’s Dunkin Donuts shop that at least in the US Bavarian creme is yellow custard.

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I just found the ingredients list for Dunkin’ Donuts “Bavarian Kreme (sic)”:

Water, Sugar Syrup, Modified Food Starch, Corn Syrup, Palm Oil, Contains 2% or less of the following: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Glucono Delta Lactone, Salt, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate (Preservatives), Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Titanium Dioxide (Color), Agar; Powdered Sugar: Dextrose, Corn Starch, Vegetable Oil (Soybean and/or Cottonseed), Palm Oil, Titanium Dioxide (Color), Artificial Flavor.

What’s not to like?

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Yes, it is custard. Ooooh you people are so bad, all I can hear in my brain right now is “Bavarian Cream donut..Bavarian cream donut, Bavarian cream donut….....

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Bavarian Cream = Custard

I am part German and live in a very German part of the USA.
Custards have eggs and are creamy yellow. We have lots of frozen custard stands here.
Bavarian Cream is a custard filling.

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The bavarian donut is the best donut in the whole entire universe. It is also cream…...duh.

Edit: I’m an idiot.

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I would expect Bavarian Cream to be yellow custard, and cream filled to be the white kind of filling.

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@thorninmud: With very few adjustments, could you alter the “creme” filling to substitute for yellow oil paint.

(Titanium dioxiide is used to today to make gesso, did’ja know?)

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@gailcalled Titanium dioxide is in there as an opacifier. If they didn’t add it, the “kreme” would be disturbingly transparent.

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@thorninmud: Even without the titanium dioxide, the “kreme” is still disturbing.

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I have always been very happy I dislike custard. My cholesterol level can’t take the yolks anyway. Thanks for your expert advice. I feel like I officially know now that bavarian cream is the yellow.

What do you experts call the heavy white filling? Just cream filled?

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I’m on your side, @JLeslie… in my mind, Bavarian cream should be white, and the yellow stuff should be called custard filled. I’m not on your side about the taste, however. Custard donuts, FTW!

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I think maybe the Boston creme is the white stuff?

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Usually here the white stuff is called “creme filling”

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The white cream is actually difficult to find. I’ve had Krispy Kreme’s version, and they aren’t that great.

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I think Dunkin’ Donuts calls the yellow stuff Boston cream. Anyway, I find it’s best to just ask. I’ve been surprised too many times.

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@augustlan I agree you have to ask. I one time still got the wrong thing. The clerk seemed to think it was an unimportant difference.

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