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What recordings have been ruined by bad production?

Asked by tom_g (16635points) March 30th, 2012

I have always been obsessed with music production – so much so that there have been albums (CDs) that I just couldn’t enjoy because of the mix. For example, my absolute favorite album of all time is the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa (1988). The mix is so drum-heavy, with paper-thin acoustic guitar, along with painfully-loud lead from Santiago, that it just screams perfection. I was 16 when this album was released. When I heard it, it is not hyperbole to say that I was breathless.
Then, in 1989, I waited for their next release, only to be served up with Doolittle. Of course, Doolittle is what exposed the Pixies to a wider audience, and there are people who swear this is their best stuff. I just can’t get over how limp the whole thing sounds. I can’t help but wonder what it would sound like with Albini’s production and sound that he created on Surfer Rosa. I was close to tears (the sad kind) when I first heard Doolittle (the day it came out). I still taste sad when I hear the production on this cd.

I am alone here? Are there recordings where you just can’t get over the production quality? If so, what are they?

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Metallica’s …And Justice for All. The bass guitar was cut out, so all you heard was drums and the guitars. The original bass recordings are actually pretty insane. Fuck Lars.
Also, everything after AJFA was just terrible because of the production among other reasons.

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I love the Doors. I have listened to them since that first album came out. What a terrific work!

Until I listened to hit using headphones.

I swear, it sounds like it was mixed by apes. I would love them to remix it.

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Angel Baby by Rosie and The Originals.

The drummer, on the original recording, really sucked. If you listen closeley with headphones, you can hear someone in the background helping the drummer keep the correct beat.

Rosie made up for it with her fantastic voice and the words of the song.

I still love it.

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I’ve always said that if you want to introduce someone to the Pixies lend them Doolittle, it’s their easy to hear pop album, their best album however is Trompe le Monde.

Steve Albini’s finest production work was done on The Wedding Presents Seamonsters I’ve never heard drums recorded so well.

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