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Silly question #12 - If every residential place in our society is equipped with non-nuclear versatile missiles , what would make you launch what and at which target?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) March 31st, 2012

A non-nuclear versatile missile is a missile which can be armed with all sorts of stuff, ranging from bombs to bananas to condoms to spaghetti. ( cooked )

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At my dog Maggie. She is still a puppy and weighes 80 pounds! She is eating me out of house and home.

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I think who ever is the Republican candidate for president would look great with cooked spaghetti with lots of sauce dumped over his head. Can you aim spaghetti with any accuracy?

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My neighbor’s house because of their loud music. I would launch giant jars of peanut butter.

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I am making Rachel Ray…......a rich woman, buying her dogfood by the trunkloads.

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With this in mind I would launch flower equipped missiles to every warmonger in the world.

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I would launch black and gold confetti in the direction of the eastern part of my state.

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Non-nuclear? Keep it, I have no need for it.

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I would load my annoying sister in law in it and shoot her outside our zip code!! She can be someone else’s problem for awhile!

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I would fire skeletons wrapped in electrical tape at art museums every Thursday in spring. Because Dada!

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I have a friend with a civil war era Parrott rifled cannon, I will use that. It is more fun to shoot than a missile.

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The neighbors cat.

It’s not that I dislike cats. It’s just that I like to garden and enjoy growing organic vegetables for personal consumption. I do not think it out of bounds to get annoyed enough to launch a missile at any creature that can’t seem to grasp the concept that I do not appreciate them shitting on my dinner.

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@WestRiverrat Well, sure! What’s more fun than an explosion of green and yellow feathers? :)

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I’d load a missile with a battalion of pillows, and aim it at myself.

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This is a cute question, but I can’t for the life of me think of anything to write :)

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