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There is only space for one more stamp in your passport; which country's stamp will fill that last spot?

Asked by rebbel (24989points) April 2nd, 2012

Depending on how many pages your passport has, thus how many stamps from different countries are already in it, for the sake of the question there is just one empty space left.
All other stamps are from countries that you loved to have been travelling to/through.
Which country’s stamp may fill that last spot in your passport?
Is it one that is still on your wishlist, or have you seen all worthy-of-a-visit?

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This is one of those places that I would really like to visit if I was forced to go. So many awesome things like the great pyramids, all the history and amazing things to see, so many beggars, so many chances to get stabbed, ripped off, or have a molotov cocktail thrown at me by a mob of protesters hiding behind a barrier of burning trash.

Id’ love to go, but only if I had to.

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Nuff said.

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New Zealand. I’ve seen pictures of its beautiful country side. Already have been to other places I wanted to go.

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Spain! It’s a hard choice between Spain and Ireland because I have always wanted to see Ireland but Spain just has so much cultural richness and spirit! Lately I have been dreaming so much of making it my next stop.

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@Earthgirl Go to Barcelona, not Madrid if your going to hit the main cities. Lots to do in Barcelona.

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Zaire. For no particular reason.

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Pandora I heard from someone I met at a museum exhibit that Toledo was not to be missed!! She said she loved Barcelona but that Toledo was even better.

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@Earthgirl Where were the Olympics shot in Spain? That was stunning.

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Cruiser I merely passed through Switzerland on the way from Germany to Italy and I was in love with it! I was really totally surprised at how breathtaking the mountains were and how unprepared I was for their effect on me! We stopped at a roadside rest stop and we climbed down a slope to a little stream there. It was crystal clear and the mountains towered around us. I was in love then and vow to go back.

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Adirondackwannabe 1992 was Barcelona/Catalonia. This is what I want to see!!!!

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@Earthgirl I loved that. A little dusty but beautiful. I would like to see that to. So colorful.

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Adirondackwannabe I love any kind of dancing!

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The costumes were so neat. I always like the older style of native dance. I love different cultures and how they celebrate life.

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Carpathians isn’t a country, but it should be. I’d go there.

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@Earthgirl Man I’d visit that place in a heartbeat. So pretty.

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Symbeline I read a book once that was set in the Carpathian Mountains. But it was so sad. It was set in the time right before WWII. It’s called _To the Land of the Cattails , very dark yet a glimpse into the past we shouldn’t forget….sad how such a beautiful place could hold such horrors.

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India. It would include finagling an invitation to a traditional wedding.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks for letting me learn a new word (it finagling).
Love it!
@allothers Thanks for your answers; I’d buy you all a ticket to your desired destination…, had I money in abundance ;-)

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Thank goodness I don’t need a passport to get to Scotland.

I’d probably go back to the States simply because each individual state is like a country in its own right.

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Germany to see my relatives.

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Iraq, delete all the military shit & it’s a truly stunning country.

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You can travel freely within the E.U., correct? If so, then Italy followed by all the rest. If not, then Germany. I’ve got an Internet friend who I’ve been meaning to visit for a couple of years, now.

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Patagonia I know, its a region, not a country, so…..

I need both Argentina and Chile to make this happen. Sorry to be difficult.

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