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How expensive is it to live in Monte Carlo, Monaco?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) February 3rd, 2012

How expensive is it to live in Monaco? Are there lovelier places in Europe with great weather and style, possibly like Italy?

Does anyone know how much the cost is, from apartments/houses/food/cost of living, etc? Has anyone ever been? Thanks

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All I know is that cable is free. I’m sure it is very pricey, with a high demand for abodes. It is a beautiful place, not that I’ve been, but I admire the Princesses of Monaco, the daughters of Grace Kelly.

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You cannot live there unless you have a job, usually as a staff member, to some person there who is an attache or the government. You can vacation there. All the living accommodations are booked ahead to: People on cruises, people that know someone, members of family, etc, and onward.It is very tightly controlled. A vacation there in the cost range is similar to a private apartment in the Champs Elysees. Look to the Islands around, different story. (Capri)

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I have been there. Eurorail pass and we were in town and decided to wander around. It is really expensive. Just to eat bread and cheese and ham and beer and walk around was expensive.

Nice was a short train ride away (45 minutes) and on the coast and much cheaper. Same climate.

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Wee stayed there on vacation for 2 nights and it cost a fortune but was the trip of a lifetime. People like Mitt Romney might be able to “live” there but not us seven figures and lower folks. It takes at least 8 or 9 figures.
@johnpowell is right. Try Nice if you like the area.
We were there in January and it was 55 degrees. It was 75 in Orange County California at the same time.

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Why can’t someone who had less money live there, is it because they don’t have apartments available at all ?

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@partyrock, you can’t just move to Monaco. You have to have a appropriate documents, depending on the length of your stay, and one part of the documentation is that you have a work document endorsed by the Employent Department of the Principality.

Have you looked into employment or the price of housing?

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Can someone live in Monaco with 300,000 or 400,000 a year ?

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300,000 or 400,000 American US dollars I mean, if that is how much they make.

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Probably not.

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If you have to ask about cost, you can’t afford it.

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@Ron_C – Yeah that’s the same thing a salesperson from Chanel said when my friend asked her how much a Chanel purse cost. Then the lady told her the same thing “If you have to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it.” Which is nonsense. I have friends who are well off but are still frugal with their money.

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@partyrock my personal feeling is “why would anybody want to live with a bunch of stuck up, people that feel entitled to all the privileges and comforts they receive?

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I was just talking to a friend who lived in Monaco for a while. He said his rent on his apartment was $25,000 a month.

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I had clients once from Monaco. Their servants lived in another country and drove over to work each day (Monaco is a tiny country, remember). It was too expensive for them to live there, except for the live in-help, if they had any. These people weren’t royalty, but sure wanted to be!

And no, they were not nice folks to work for, either.

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