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How do bus drivers close the door when they get off the bus?

Asked by AstroChuck (37560points) May 25th, 2008

I found this question on the internet once and it was never answered. I know it has a simple answer, but it has me wondering.

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You can push them shut from the outside. It doesn’t really take much effort. I ride the bus a lot and see the drivers do it all the time.

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Thanks. I knew it had to be something as simple as that. Kind of a stupid question, but it had me wondering.

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The ones I’ve seen over here (England) have a button on the outside labelled ‘emergency open’. I’ve noticed the driver push the button before when the doors were open, and it closed them.

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Wow. Thanks for the “great question” lurve. I really thought this was just a dumb, lazy question as I saw it some time ago on the internet without any response.

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To be fair, it’s exactly the kind of thing I would wonder had I not seen them actually do it once before.

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what? No one has ever noticed that their driver side has a door? The actual bus doors are only for passengers.

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@nayeight: Depends on the bus, some do, some don’t.

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No school buses, except twinkie school buses, (the small gasoline engine buses) have a drivers side door. The door handle on the full size buses, actually a knob to open and close the door with air pressure is pulled out to the open position and a lever above the door is pushed to the open (vs closed) position then the door can be moved manually.

johnpowell must be very fit, I have never found a new or old school bus door you get open or close w/o the air being bypassed. You may push then a little, but will open back up when you take the pressure off.

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