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Paleo diet and its restrictions.

Asked by lanahopple (455points) April 3rd, 2012

I have been reading up on the Paleo diet, and I am curious as to why corn falls under the no, no category. I understand that the diet wants to follow the “caveman” eating style, but I mean, what is so bad about corn? More specifically, what are the scientific notions behind this claim?
-air popped popcorn
-corn on the cob
what makes corn or any other grain under the paleo diet a restriction

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Corn is a carbohydrate-laden vegetable. That is why it is bad for you.

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Corn was not developed as a grain in its form today that far back in history. It just wasn’t on the menu.

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What you want to do while eating paleo is make the bulk of your diet things that are available hunting, gathering, and gardening. That means mostly fruits, veggies, and meat. Grains and legumes evolutonarily make up only a small amount of our diets, if at all. So don’t eat a lot of corn, or none at all. The main reason is that these things don’t have all that much in terms of vitamins and nutrients that we can digest and use. Grains and legumes also have lectins and phytic acid, which inhibit our use of other nutrients.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention that most corn is genetically modified here in America, which also tends to mean it’s been soaked in glyphosphate and other nasty chemicals which have been proven to cause lots of damage to the body. Organic is always preferable.

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Is a Paleo Exercise program included with the diet? They didn’t exactly get their food from the grocery store.

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I know Rob Wolfe recommends light and medium exercise on a fairly regular basis. Most paleo folks I know simply recommend having a lifestyle that contains a lot of light and medium intensity activity. Walking, gardening, and yard work are the bulk of my exercise.

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