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Has anyone ever tried the protein shake diet?

Asked by likipie (1454points) April 4th, 2012

I don’t want to hear the health risks involved, I already know them all and don’t really care at this point. I just want to know the details: what shakes to take, how affective it is, how hard it is, etc.

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Protein shakes are meant to supplement your normal diet, they aren’t intended to replace real food all together.

I’ve used them when I’m trying to eat several small meals as something that’s portable and convenient when you don’t have time or facilities for a better alternative.

There are different mixes, using different types of protein, and intended for different purposes. Most are marketed as either meal replacement shakes, weight gainers, or diet shakes. So there’s no one answer to which is right.

The best way to find one that works for you is to try small samples of several and see which you like the taste of. Usually places that sell them have either single serving packets of the powder or ready to drink single servings so you can figure out what works for you.

Please don’t try to live off of them, they aren’t designed or meant to provide everything your body needs, especially if you’re exercising regularly.

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Drinking just protein shakes is not an effective way to maintain health. Too much protein can be dangerous. Your body needs other nutrients as well. If you wanted to supplement your diet with protein shakes, the best one really depends on what else is going on with your body and what your goal is with the protein shakes. There are protein shakes that are developed for people with specific medical conditions (such as kidney disease, diabetes, etc). This is something you should discuss with your doctor to make sure you are going to have your nutritional needs met with your diet choices.

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It’s too expensive.

” hard is it?..”

What does “hard” mean? What units should I use to provide you an answer?

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I lost 80 lbs on the HMR very low calorie diet. It was medically supervised and I felt healthier than I had in years. Previously I had lived on fast food and although I was over weight I was probably dying of malnutrition.
If there is an HMR clinic near you, you can do the medically supervised shake only diet. If not, you can still do their plan adding fruits and vegetables online.
Here’s my success story on their web page

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@Charles I want to know how much effort it takes to just drink protein shakes, as a replacement for food. Whether or not it’s satisfying, if it helps curb cravings, etc. And I never thought about the money part of it. If it’s too expensive, I won’t bother. There’s other ways of going about this weight loss buisness that cost little to nothing. Thank you!

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@funkdaddy and @Seaofclouds I’m not looking for health information, I know the risks and I don’t need to hear them again, thank you.

@Judi That sounds interesting, I’m going to have to go check it out now. Thanks!

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How about asking a question where you DO want to hear the answer? It took me a lifetime to learn what I know and you are in essence telling me that my answer is pre-rejected and my life has been a waste.

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