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How can I easily and healthily lose a little weight as a teenager?

Asked by 15barcam (756points) December 12th, 2011

I’m not extremely overweight or anything. In fact, I’m five four and 120 pounds, and mostly muscle at that. But even when I run and work out, the fat between my legs and on my stomach won’t go away, although I can feel and see that I’m building muscle. As a teenage, I’m pretty self concious about this and my track season is comming up so I have to be in the best shape possible. And I am NOT the starve myself type. I like food way to much :). So any suggestions on how to lose the last five or seven pounds?

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The layer of fat on the stomach and legs is the hardest to loose. It takes a long time to burn through it all. Just be sensible with your eating habits and keep working out. It could be that you are just right for your DNA. For your height and weight and ability to run track you certainly do not sound out of shape at all. Good luck.

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Eat more vegies, less fat and eliminate processed foods.
It is important to know that women are supposed to have more fat on their bodies than men. It’s not healthy to have NO fat. You’re doing the right things.

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WALK WALK WALK everywhere you can. When I moved to NYC, I lost 15 lbs and still basically eat what I want. I’m now on target for my height. Everyone’s different but I find that little changes go a long way. Experiment!

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My experience has been that eating whole foods of exactly the same number of calories of processed foods, you will lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, the body does not treat all calories equally. Processed foods have a high glycemic load which causes your body to release a lot of insulin, promoting the creation of fat. Whole foods on the whole have a lower glycemic load, meaning that, all things being equal, you will create less fat from the same number of calories. Instead of apple juice, eat an apple. Instead of potato chips, eat a baked potato. Instead of pasta, eat boiled whole grains like millet or barley. And if you’re drinking soft drinks, you can lose weight just be substituting water. (And if you want to lose weight, you should avoid aspartame at all costs. Several studies have now shown a causal link between consuming aspartame and weight gain.)

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make one good decision a day—could be an apple instead of cereal or chocolate, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator. get creative! :)

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I don’t know what your diet is like, but apparently it can make a huge difference if you eliminate sweet drinks like sodas. Of course it won’t really make much difference if you don’t have them often anyway.

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It’s common for people to want to avoid foods high in fat and calories. But in truth, moderation is the key to keeping a healthy weight. You can still eat your favorite foods, just don’t do over do it.

Also, you need to have a work out plan and stick to that.

Try adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet and cut back on fatty foods and red meat. Start off your meals by eating the fruit and veggies first, since they make you feel like your full longer. Avoid all soda, even diet soda and tea.

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Women carry their weight in their thighs, abs and hips as a reserve for times of famine and for childbirth/nursing purposes. As others have mentioned, eat well, walk more and, most importantly don’t get hung up on cultural ideals of the “perfect” female form.

Bodies are supposed to have some fat on them, and a little extra fat is healthier than being too thin. You can tone up, do leg raises, lunges, and walk, walk, walk, but DO NOT think that a little extra fat in places it is meant to be is a bad thing.

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I can only think of just keep on exercising. Just patience I think.

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Eat a little less. Eat healthier. Exercise a little more. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic.

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