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What do I need to live on a boat year round in cold climates?

Asked by mowens (8350points) April 5th, 2012

Just curious… I think it would be fun at some point in my life to live on a boat for a year or so. I would want something I could tow…
What kind of boat would I need?
If I stay at the dock, can I get high speed internet?
Have you ever done it?

I dont plan on doing this for many years, I just like to have goals to aspire to.

So many questions. :)

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How cold of a climate are you talking about?
All the boats are pulled out of the water for the winter where I live. Everything freezes over, that isn’t good for a boat.

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Here is a photo of the houseboats on Lake Union in Seattle. This is the way to go.

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“I think it would be fun at some point in my life to live on a boat for a year or so.”

Try it for two nights; You might be sick of it by then.
Is it an affordable option anyway?

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Bubblers around the boat to keep from freezing and cracking the hull, if fresh water. Dehumidifier and heaters for comfort inside. Satellite or cable for TV and internet.

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My first thought was: a nice thick beard and a warm woolen scarf. I wish I had a real answer.

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@Haleth, I was thinking trackie daks, waterproof ugg boots, lots of blankets and plenty of tinned soup. So your idea works for me!

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