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Can I post something on my Tumblr to a certain page only instead of my home page?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) April 6th, 2012

So I have my home page, and other pages (ex. fashion, cats). Most of my posts/reblogs are fine showing up on my home page. But…there are some posts that I would like to ONLY show up on a certain page.

I want to create a “boudoir” page consisting of pictures of nice rooms. However, I don’t want these to muddle up my home page too. I guess it would kind of be like a second blog, where you can’t see the posts on my home page, but only on that redirected page.

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Yup, you create a new blog.

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@Aethelflaed I don’t want to have more than one blog, I just wanted selective posts to only show up on one page of my original blog. I guess that is not possible?

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@desiree333 What do you mean, one page of your original blog? I’m not really understanding what you’re talking about; what are these ‘other pages’ you speak of? (Maybe it would help if you PM me your tumblr and I can take a look at it? If you’re ok with that).

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@Aethelflaed When I post things I tag to a certain link, and they show up on my blog’s homepage, and also the page that I tagged it to. However, I want to know if it’s possible to post something to only show up on a certain link (a category on my blog, for example my “body modification” page) but not my homepage also. I don’t know how to simplify my request further, sorry.

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