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What was the toughest time in your life that you overcame?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) April 9th, 2012

How old were you and how has it shaped you now?
How did you get past all the negativity?

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Dealing with trolls.

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My toughest time was when I was an adult. I had a very good career and income.The stress of my career and having little kids was too much for me and I became a drug addict. I lost everything. I was homeless for a time. I wasn’t on the streets long enough to ruin my looks, so I married a rich but abusive man. I got clean through sheer isolation. I began to see what an immature coward I had been. I got through the negativity by pledging my self to making the future better than the past. I divorced this abusive man and have become a much more introspective person, and am still on the road to repairing as best as I can, the damage that I caused. That’s how I am dealing with the negativity, the despair, and the hurt. I work everyday toward my goal. I will never stop. So that’s it.

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The months of my dying marriage and subsequent recovery from divorce. I had to fight a lot and then I was poor. I got through it by getting rid my ex wife which lead to me having more money.

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My childhood years of a sibling’s death and abuse and now the past few months of my longterm marriage ending. I am getting out of it by moving forward with my life and finding new friends and activities. Also, by surrounding myself with love from old friends and family members.

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Breaking up with my first girlfriend.

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I think the toughest time in my life is now, dealing with my health issues on top of a new home and a new job. Overcoming it is not about waiting until I get dealt a better hand, it’s how I play with the hand I’ve got. I haven’t won yet, but I think I’m doing okay.

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