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Do you have a grown up Christmas list like Barbra Streisand?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33508points) December 12th, 2010

Her song makes me wish for so many things: clean water and ample food for all, true friendship, and so much more.

As an adult, what do you wish for?

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A car, to be rich, to be discovered by Hollywood agents, the most awesome tech gadgets, a round the world trip.

But world peace, love for everyone and a bright future will also do.

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Just the same sappy stuff, health and well-being for all.

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Totally unrelated, but your question made me think of this song

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@hawaii_jake A very nice song that. Thanks for the introduction.
I share the same sentiments.
@uberbatman A very nice song that. Thanks for the introduction.

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@lloydbird it will be stuck in your head for days. Its too damn catchy :P

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That my children will lead successful and happy lives.
That when my time comes, I will die well, and that it happens before my girlfriend’s time comes.

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Right now, I am wishing to get rid of some negative, obsessive thoughts that are messing with my mind. And – the repeal of DADT, approval of gay marriage, the end of the tax cuts for the wealthy, more jobs….......

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My list looks more like something John Rambo would write. :P

Of course, most of the things on there are means by which to get clean water and ample food.

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Does Barbra Streisand have Christmas?

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@JLeslie : I don’t know, but she has my 2 favorite Christmas albums.

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Enough to eat, shelter, clean air and water, access to health care, education and love. For everyone. I kind of think if all that were taken care of, peace would take care of itself.

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I gave you a GQ simply for mentioning Barbra Streisand in your question!

My only real wish is to be happy and for those I love to be happy and healthy. @josie I also wish that my time will come before my partner’s.

@JLeslie I think Babs does “celebrate” Christmas from what she has mentioned in interviews etc, although, to what extent, I’m not sure.

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