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What similiar tracks do you know of? (details inside).

Asked by MilkyWay (13740points) April 12th, 2012

I’ve had Tracy Chapman on repeat for almost an hour now, and I love it’s meaningful lyrics and acoustic melody.
Do you know of any similiar tracks, with acoustic guitar music that you can tell me about?
Cheers :)

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Ever listen to Ani DiFranco?

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@tom_g Just checked her out, I like it :D

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Emiliana Torrini.
Are you ‘just’ looking for female acoustic guitarists/singers, or singers that tell stories through their songs?

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@rebbel I really love and admire music with meaningful lyrics, so I would very much like to get tracks with stories in them :) Acoustic is a preferance for me though.
Edit: Tracy Chapman is is not a guy ;)—

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Sorry, but Tracy is a girl.
I made the same mistake though when I first heard her back in the end of the eighties.
You might like Patti Smith.
And/or Mary Gauthier.
And/or Rory Block.

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Oh jeez, I feel like a dunce :/
I like Mary Gauthier though. And please feel free to link me to any male singers too, it doesn’t count for much whether it’s a guy or a woman singing to me :)

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“it doesn’t count for much whether it’s a guy or a woman singing to me :)”
Really? I wouldn’t say ;-)

Let me think for a bit on males.

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Sometimes my number one singer hides in back alleys of my brain, but here he is: Nick Drake.

You are welcome, @MilkyWay.

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Love that, thanks @rebbel! :)
Btw, what else hides in “the dark alley” of your brain? Cos judging by that it holds a treasure trove…

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You would probably like the Civil Wars. They’re always amazing.

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I do, and they are :)

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Joan Armatrading has a similar voice and style to Tracy Chapman.

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^ Good call. One of my favorites by Joan is The Weakness in Me.

Joan Baez’s ode to her relationship with Bob Dylan- Diamonds and Rust.

The Kingston Trio- Where Have All the Flowers Gone.

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Kate Rusby The Wild Goose
Cheryl Wheeler Quarter Moon

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As @janbb posted, Joan Armatrading is the most similar I can think of.

Here are a couple artists I put in the same bracket that you may enjoy too:

Me’Shell NdegeOcello

Toshi Reagan (the only version of the “How Long” song I can find online).

Love Trace Chapman ..I’ve got all her albums :)

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“Fast Car” is one of my all-time favorite songs. I was blown away by it when it came out.

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