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Do you know any good, free, online guitar lessons?

Asked by holiwi (85points) June 6th, 2010

I’ve recently began playing the acoustic guitar (focused primarily on rock, right now) and I’m having trouble finding good, free online lessons. Could you please recommend any websites you know?

Thank you!

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The best website I know of is Most online stuff is going to have TABs, and songsterr makes it foolproof.

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Here is a friend of mine who is one of the best guitarists I know and he shares some tips with a bunch of lessons here…

Luiveton's avatar is AMAZING! It helps, ALOT. Um, the guy is called Mike, and he helps you via videos. He takes you from beginner to intermediate then to pro. It really helps, just be sure to follow his lessons.—He also gives you a lot of offers.

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hmmmm don’t know any free ones but is good if you decide to pay 15$. Just something to keep in mind

slipperyguitar's avatar was the first tab website I found and I learned has amazing lessons on it. I’ve read through them all and they even have an “ultimate” guide to everything. Each lesson has a rating based on the views of the extensive community so you can find the best lessons, which are free too lol.

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I have been playing guitar for about 7 or 8 months and if you are looking to learn songs, there are lots of people who post how to play songs on youtube. Personally my favorite ones are martyzsongs and giorgiarose16 they are very helpful for learning specific songs.

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