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How come this psychic didn't see her arrest coming?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) April 15th, 2012

A Hingham, Massachusetts woman, Crystal Smith, operating as Madame Sophie, tried to extort $16,000 out of an elderly woman by telling her that she had a black-cloud curse over her head and that one of her family members would die by suicide unless the woman paid Madame Sophie $16,000 to lift the curse. The poor elderly lady did give Ms. Smith a check for $7,000 and a antique ring valued at $500, but family members went to police when she contacted them trying to raise an additional $9,000 for Madame Sophie. Perhaps Crystal (Sophie) Smith was the real curse, and her arrest has lifted that curse from the superstitious woman’s head.

If Madame Sophie is truly a psychic, why didn’t she see the arrest coming? How do those who believe in psychics shrug off such evidence? Do they use the No true Scotsman argument? If you believe in psychics, does this story shake your faith or just reinforce the belief that your psychic is better than Madame Sophie at foreseeing the future?

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The same reason she did not apply for James Randi’s 1 million american dollars. Not only does she have no psychic powers, but also no reasoning ability. Anyone with half a brain would have predicted, the very least at the point when she only got 7000 and a ring, that the granny would seek money from relatives and thus make it almost a certainty that the authorities would be alerted to her machinations.
Were she not such a moron, she would have said “Ok, because I am a nice person and I like you, I will lift the curse for the 7000, you can keep the ring.”

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She’s a swindler and a fraud like the rest of them.

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Oh brother! I wouldn’t go so far as to say I believe in psychics but I do believe some people are gifted with extra sensory abilities.
As always, in every “profession” their are fraudulent people.
This holds very true for psychics, the vast majority are charlatans.

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..Oh! I just burst out laughing at this question before I even read any of the answers!

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@Coloma I used to think the same way as you, until I learned about the $1 million challenge. The fact that nobody has ever come close to winning it is a massive nail in the paranormal coffin for me.

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Cuz she’s a crook. still, she should have seen that coming…

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@ragingloli Precisely. Thanks.

@Michael_Huntington, @Dutchess_III GA’s all.

@Coloma One vote for the “No true Scotsman” hey? What @gorillapaws said. :-)

@Symbeline How true. Even with ZERO psychic powers, certain outcomes flow from the initial conditions. She should have seen it coming.

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