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Regarding the GSA conference in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers over $800,000?

Asked by GoldieAV16 (5393points) April 16th, 2012

First, was the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform asleep on the job, for something like this to happen?

Second, why is it necessary to hold THREE congressional hearings on this matter? This seems like the height of irony, to me.

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I just wonder how many DID NOT GAMBLE, while there and with who’s money??

They could have picked a more suitable place for a conference meeting.

Taxpayers are naturally going to think the worst and they probably are correct. Bad choice.

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It’s horrible. But I wonder if how it’s being handled isn’t just as horrible. WE are paying to fly in witnesses who aren’t even testifying – they just plead the fifth. Couldn’t that have been done via teleconference?

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People will take advantage of whatever is there. I know people that were traveling on business and were given a card to rack up whatever they wanted.

Hopefully they’ll learn from this.

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Reminds me of the Secret Service with their prostitutes. What were they thinking? Any time someone gets caught for doing something stupid, it’s like what were they thinking? In the example given by the OP, though, with a committee, overseeing it, you’d think someone with a brain would have put a stop to it.

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@jca At least with the SS it wasn’t illegal and spending our tax dollars.

The GSA thing is a total joke. Hope the whole lot of them get canned and prison time.

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Four hearings! Really? Why could this not be consolidated into ONE hearing? I don’t get it.

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These two news items just make me shake my head.
How can anyone be that stupid?

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The Secret Service issue is something else, though. I mean we really have NO idea what happened down there, yet. I can’t remember the last time I saw a news story so over-spun.

What we know:

Agents were drinking and partying. Women were involved. The next morning ONE woman tried to shake down ONE agent – or they got in a disagreement about payment for services rendered (legal in Columbia). The embassy got involved and the entire detail was recalled to Washington and placed on leave, pending investigation.

Suddenly we’ve got a scandal involving a dozen or more agents and prostitutes. The graphics, headlines – all over the top, as far as I’m concerned, given what we know.

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@GoldieAV16: Agreed. I feel that the agents, with the job they have, which is probably pretty high up and pretty respected in their Agency, should have been more prudent. Not partying, not galavanting, save that for home territory if they really wanted to. At some point they should have asked themselves if maybe it would be better to “call it a night.”

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