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What will be the strategies of the Democratic and Republican parties in raising the number of their voters in the next mid-terms elections?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28863points) February 4th, 2021

Do you think the US mid-term elections in two years would be a lot more heated and turbulent compared to the 2016 Presidential election? What would be the game plan of each party to gain more power? Thank you.

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The Republicans will hold the keys. The message will be: the Democrats have the wheel, and the country is a mess—which of course will be the truth. The Democrats will also have the truth on their side (but with our short attention span it will matter less) with: Trump and the GOP left us this train wreck. But it’s again the demographic realities the Republicans will be up against as not only the ratio of old white men diminishes in the overall population, but prosperous sane people flee the cities to populate dirt cheap hicksville. The Democrats will no longer hold the “Trump” card with the leader of their opposition a blatantly self destructive wrecking ball of any and all allied with him, but crafty Mitch and his party will suffer the pandemic of after shocks attributable to the reign of Trump and years to come of front page news on the endless criminal and civil judgements against their former fool in chief. Overall, I would say the Democrats will have the advantage as the massed concentrations of rednecks are diluted with those whose influx renders even Dogpatch unaffordable for Billy Joe Bob.

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For Democrats there is always an element of getting out into the minority communities and registering people to vote, making sure they know an election is coming up, and helping them understand how to vote.

They can talk about how Black people made the difference in the 2008 election and now in 2020. I think the truth is a lot of white people helped too, but in terms of motivating Black people to vote that is what I would be saying, that their vote counts and it has been proven. It wouldn’t hurt trying to reach young adults a little, but they don’t show up at the polls enough.

They might go back to saying Republicans want authoritarian figures, but I’m not sure that works with the majority of Democrats or falls on deaf ears.

We’ll see what the issues are when the election is nearing. Too soon to know.

The Republicans I think will go back to their socialist talk, the deficit, and Democrats killing babies. Plus, as I said, we’ll see what is happening in the country and world in another year to determine what else to harp on.

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Same strategy. If it works… don’t fix it!

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Democrats will try to focus on GOP obstruction rather than caging more kids and closing the pipeline, etc.. As stated above it will be about Trump leaving them a horrible mess, just like every time they win.

The Reps will focus on the negative, and getting Millenials who are disgusted with both parties, as well as other groups who see gas prices rising, jobs lost, more gobal friction with Russia and N Korea, and some hypocrisy at the border.

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^^Sure comes across as a deplorable strategy borne out of desperation.

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