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If you are under 25, do you have a signature that uses cursive writing?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) April 17th, 2012

I’m curious whether the texting generation still uses cursive writing to develop their signature. I certainly remember practicing mine. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. It’s easy to make a case that it’s just vanity.

Anyway, what about you and your cohort? Do you print your name or write it out in cursive?

This question is an attempt to improve on this one.

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I’m 26, and although we were taught curvise very well in middle school, we never had a use for it later and now I can only do proper curvise as my signature.

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I really only use cursive to write in-class essays because it’s faster, but my printing is much nicer.

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@DominicX Stanford still allows handwriting? Holy cow. I thought things had moved beyond that.

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Well, almost everything is typed. But sometimes I will have some handwritten assignments :P I went almost all of last year without writing and when I finally did write, I was relieved to see that my handwriting was still as neat as ever :P

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So… like what courses would handwriting be acceptable? I could understand if for science and math. But essays? What prof wants to deal with that?

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I had a linguistics class where the professor assigned an in-class essay. I mean, it wasn’t a true “essay”, more of an extended short answer to a lengthy prompt. That’s the last example I can think of :P He wanted it done on the spot in a short time; handwritten in class solves that. I took a class over the summer where the professor was a visiting professor from the UK and he wanted everything handwritten except the term paper. But that was an exception.

And I handwrite assignments all the time in my Latin class but we never turn those in. It’s more of a study aid.

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Twenty-two and definitely use cursive in my signature. Usually when I write by hand, I print.

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Nope, I write everything in print, signature included. I do not have a separate style for my signature.

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@ ragingloli It is much easier to copy a printed signature than using cursive. for fraud purposes.
I always thought signatures on checks needed to be cursive.

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I’m in my late teens and I’ve been practicing my cursive signature since I was 3 years old.

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I do not use checks.

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My signature is more of a scribble than legible writing, but it is cursive. Somehow, despite not having used it much since I was taught in second and third grade, I can still write in reasonably nice cursive!

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I use cursive for my signature.

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Yep, it’s cursive. I learned cursive in pre-school, but I’ve always had a lot of trouble writing my own name!

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Its not actually cursive. Its just scribbly letters strung together. A few years ago it used to be more print-y and some of the letter connected ‘cause I don’t pick my pen up after most letters unless I’m focused. In the last year or so I started getting scribbly, probably on account of having to sign the receipt for the coffee shop multiple times a week. lol.

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It’s in cursive.
My normal writing is a
combination of cursive and
regular print.

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I am 22, and my signature is all cursive. I love cursive.

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When I was in school after I learned cursive it was all I would use for a while because without having to lift the pencil of the paper as often I was able to write faster. Now, because of the military, I only use print. Even for those corrective training essays that only one person sees have to be in print.

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I just kind of scribble my name out as fast as I can…

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I am over 25, but I can report that a little under half of my students still use cursive on their final exams. A slightly higher number sign their names with cursive.

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Yep, but embarrassingly enough my name is pretty much the only thing I can write in cursive without taking ages.

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Yes but it looks like my cursive writing did in the fifth grade. It hasn’t improved much over the years (as few as they may be).

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Yes. My handwriting is generally atrocious, but not because I text – for indeed, I have only recently begun texting with any kind of frequency, and my handwriting has been bad since I learned it.

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Of course! I always sign my name in cursive unless asked to print it. I still write in cursive for most things, except math and science.

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