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Can you come up with an oddball way to describe suicide?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) April 18th, 2012

There are all sorts of oblique ways to describe death – kick the bucket, take a dirt nap, sing with the angels. Do you know any (or can you make up) phrases that describe suicide?

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Death by Misadventure.

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taking your life in your own hands

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Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “Smoking is the only honorable form of suicide.”

Pretty sure that doesn’t help answer your question but I thought I should toss it out there.

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The act of voluntarily ceasing a person’s own physiological processes.

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@SomeoneElse “Misadventure” means accident. So “death by misadventure” is accidental death.

@janbb “Doesn’t “taking your life in your own hands,” just mean making important decisions for oneself?

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Digging your own grave and diving in.

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Jonathon Winters once told Paul Williams when Paul was suicidal: “If you do it, do it by jumping off a building with a duck under one arm and a sheep under the other”. It will have people guessing for years.

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There might be problems aplenty, but suicide would be the last thing I would do.

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An hero.

Also, a specific method is by “suck starting a shotgun.”

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Logging out of RL

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Building on @poisonedantidote‘s answer; Go offlife.

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@6rant6 You are correct. I shall have to think about it more as I meant it to mean that the thoughts of suicide could have been thought of as a unknown adventure, which perhaps went further into the unknown than might have been wanted . . . 39 Steps to the Unknown?

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Being ethical? Terry Pratchett, for example, has Alzheimers and has discussed his future suicide.

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@ro_in_motion Of course Terry Pratchett has made people think more about suicide, after writing the character of Death in the Discworld books into a more acceptable way of being ‘taken’.
‘A Scythe of Relief’ might then describe suicide perhaps.

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Personal soul extraction.

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Hide & seek world champion.

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@6rant6 It was a play on the term. The OP did ask for oddball.

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Swallow the bullet.
Take your own route out of town.
Decide that enough is enough, permanently.
Swallow his final drink.
Chose his own poison (or choose)
Give up chocolate for good!
Hung himself from the chandelier.

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@SomeoneElse I agree, “A scythe of relief” is brilliant.

In comparison to just death, suicide seems to have fewer conventional expressions associated with it.

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Suicide by cop is sometimes referred to a blue suicide.

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@janbb I get it. “taking your life.”

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Cashing in my chips

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Offing oneself.

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Let’s not forget that despite the clever answers to this question that the rate of suicide about people 16 to 21 is extraordinarily high and we should all be alert to young people around us who may seem to be at elevated risk for suicide.

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Pushing your own daises.

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Killing the one person you can actually change.

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Corporeally bankrupt.

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Pressing eject.

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