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Does anybody else listen to this song?

Asked by BBawlight (2432points) April 19th, 2012

It’s Raven Loud Speeaker by Nightmare. It’s Japanese. One of my favorite songs. I want to know if anybody else likes it…

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Here is the link if anyone else wants to take a listen and decide if they like it or not. Before anyone corrects @BBawlight‘s spelling of “speaker,” it is incorrect (only two e’s) while the spelling the artist uses is “speeeaker” with three “e’s.”

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And here is one version of translation of the lyrics. While the song includes some rather obvious samples, and I am not particularly keen on it, the bridge is very nice.

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it is off my radar

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I hadn’t heard the song before. I actually like the beat and the guitars are really good. The end of the video is sad. I give it a thumbs up for the music.

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I actually TRIED to listen through the six plus minutes, but it was just a waste of my time.

I am sorry, but this type of noise is not my cup of tea. Maybe, I should not have answered this question.

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I’ve never heard of this before but I listened all the way through and I like it.

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I’ve never heard of it until now. I liked the story of the song. The music wasn’t so much my thing though.

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