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Are there any websites where you can download or buy Japanese/pop/anime music?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) February 4th, 2010

I love this type of music and i was wondering if anyone has heard of or uses a website in which you can buy or download anime/pop/Japanese music to an ipod,mp3,phone,etc…..♫

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You can always look up the songs on youtube and rip the mp3 from the video using this:

Hope that helps. Otherwise, I would recommend Gendou, which was my first choice until I saw someone else had already recommended it. :)

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@Peinrikudo you can just rip songs on youtube for free????

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@njnyjobs and @Peinrikudo do you buy or download at

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There are two versions for this website. one that includes adult products and one that does not.

if you don’t want those go to instead.

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If it something that I want I usually Ebay because it is cheaper. Now there is an online store that I really enjoy purchasing from.

We used to have the store in our area but they went to a straight online venue.

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