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What are your views on hallucinogenic drugs?

Asked by likipie (1454points) April 19th, 2012

I know that drugs “aren’t good for us” and I’m not saying that I use them. I just want to know what you think about them, hallucinogens in particular.

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I’ve never had them, but I’m curious to try them once for the experience.

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@Blackberry They can be really fun, but if you get a bad trip, they can be horrible. So it’s kind of hit or miss. But if you know what you’re doing, or are with someone who does, it’s definitely worth a try!

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@Blackberry And the more people are there, the more fun it is. It’s really no fun by yourself.

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They are groovy and can ruin your life.

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@PurpleClouds Any drug can ruin your life when not used properly. But very true, in both aspects.

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my view on them is that when someone partakes of hallucinogens they should do so in a safe space and around people they can trust to keep them safe rather than who will add more risk to the situation.

I’d also add that my view is that hallucinogens should never be taken if the risk of some such thing like being stuck in a permanent flashback etc. is possible.

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I think they’re a fun hobby if you know what you’re doing.

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Fluther is enough for me.

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Ever so slightly blurred, which is apt…..ever so slightly.

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Mind blowing, but the risk of permanent damage is too high.

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It depends on the exact drug (my view on shrooms is a lot different from my view on acid), the external surroundings of the person doing it, and the pre-existing mental state of the person doing it. I’m not against them in all circumstances, but I think it’s better when caution is taken.

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I completely agree with @Jenniehowell.

I have a lot of experience with drug use – hallucinogens included. In the end, I experienced more bad trips than good. My drug use was seldom with people I felt I could trust. This had a huge impact on the risks and such (like jumping from a balcony that was about 25ft off the ground, thinking I could float down).

Also, hallucinogens aren’t just that…there are 3 main categories that fall under the title. These are psychedelics, deliriants and dissociatives. The person about to use hallucinogens better make damn sure they know which category they’re about to experience.

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I’m an old hippie. back in the day, I liked to do lsd. it depends on your mood when you take the drug, if you are upset, your trip wont be as joyful.

You can see different perspective under the influence.

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I’ve never tried them (not counting THC as a hallucinogen) but very curious. I told my adult kids that if I ever have terminal cancer, please try to get me some LSD to try. I’m not that worried about a “bad trip” so long as I’m surrounded by loved ones.

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I had a really bad experience in high school…. I took way too much LSD. Anyway, I think they can be good depending on the person using them. If you are in a GOOD or HAPPY frame of mind, then it will most likely be a happier trip. I took LSD when I was depressed, so I had a REALLY bad trip that lasted for…... 24 hours? and ended with auditory hallucinations…

And as one person said, the risk of permanent damage is too high for me to ever do it again. I’m glad it was just a one time high school thing, and that it’s in the past and out my system to never be curious about it again.

But everyone is different.

I’ve heard of people going through amazing spiritual journeys through them and when they come out of it they totally feel “Awakened”... spiritually speaking… so…. up to you and how you take them…. just be careful, just be safe, and know what you are getting into…...

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I’ve only tried marijuana which probably doesn’t count. I am curious but reluctant to mess too much with my mind as it’s the only one I’ve got.

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They can be fun as long as you know what you are doing and you are in the right frame of mind. If you aren’t in the right frame of mind, use them improperly or with people who can not keep it safe, they can be dangerous to yourself or other people.

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I adore acid. If I have ever felt that something in life is sacred, it is psychedelics. Unfortunately I can’t eat boomers anymore because my insides riot – but I find acid much easier on my system, and to make for a more controllable trip. Music, nature, sex, my own thoughts – all beautiful, incredibly meaningful, and utterly pleasurable. I once saw Elvis in my cat’s side, I’ve felt a tree’s energy, I’ve seen the forest breathe, I’ve watched thunderheads pixelate finer and finer until I couldn’t believe my eyes could see such detail, I’ve felt what my partner feels as he makes love to me, and so much more I can’t even begin to describe it.

I have also accidentally Robo-tripped (not recommended – more disorienting than fun), and once I smoked yopo (DMT is the active ingredient – this is actually a legal hallucinogen you can order online). Yopo gave me the greatest visuals I have ever gotten – my friend had a tapestry with animals on his ceiling, and we lay back and watched them march around and around. No body high and only about 45 minutes, though. People react to yopo differently – another friend fell asleep for about half an hour and told us after that she dreamed of being in Quiddity.

I have had two bad trips, one with way too much LSA and the last time I ate boomers, as my IBS was just beginning to develop. Yes, they are terrible experiences, but not unbearably frightening as long as you have someone to help you through it. I would never trip alone for this reason. They were not so bad as to scare me off hallucinogens, obviously. It doesn’t make sense to me that a person could get “stuck” in a bad trip. I suspect that myth is based on the observation that hallucinating can “trigger” the initial symptoms of schizophrenia for folks who are schizophrenic but have not yet discovered they are.

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Far out, man.

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Hallucinogens are great.

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Well you definitely don’t want to be stuck in front of a sink full of dirty dishes when using them, I can tell you that much.

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It high school my boyfriend once told me “I’d do acid, but I’d never do LSD…..” I was like, “You idiot!!”

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I would be curious enough to try them once, if the opportunity were to present itself. I won’t go looking for them though.

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^^^ For a second I thought that was JLeslie and I was going “WHAT????!!!!”

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I’ve never tried them and honestly am too scared to. But I hold no judgement whatsoever on people that decide to use them.

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Psychedelics are one of the greatest things I have ever experienced in my life. The amount of insight and personal introspection that can be achievwd through their use is mind blowing. I have had so many life changing experiences under their influence. The doors of preception are forever opened in my mind and I can never again view the world in the same close minded view that I had before my first time with LSD.

I really dont think its possible for me to have a bad trip either. The key is always doing it where and with people that make you comfortable. This isnt to say I havent had extremely dark trips but the key is to remember even there, there are things to be learned from the experience. You need to remember its just a drug and this too shall pass. As Hunter S Thompson said “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Fighting the drug will only make matters worse.

If used properly we can achieve new levels of enlightenment. What bothers me though is that so many people I see dont view psychedelics like that, they use them as an ends to a mean of getting “fucked up”. and the CIA had its own nice run with using a tool for good as something vile and evil

@wildpotato you should have inhaled yopo. If you wanted to smoke DMT you should have just extracted it.

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@uberbatman My buddy said the stuff he got was for smoking, specifically out of a bong with a carb (Weird, huh? Apparently they are popular in England). I know insufflation is the more common method; I’m interested in trying it that way.

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I used to smoke pot. The only reason I don’t do it now is because of my job. Never had hallucinogenic drugs, although I’d love to try shrooms someday. I’ve researched this specific drug and I found out that it is less toxic than aspirin. As long as you eat the right kind. the amanita is bad. I imagine it’s an amazing experience.

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@Avangelo Pot’s ok but the psychedelics are where it’s at.

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Mostly moon babies in the dew and cracking walls.

Hallucinogenic drugs are outstanding. Some folks are cut out for them and some are absolutely not.

i’ve eaten reams of paper and never had a bad trip. it’s just a drug.

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Marijuana and hashish are two of the most commonly used hallucinogens in the world, but it is a mild hallucinogen when compared to most of the others. The only other hallucinogens that I’m familiar with are fly agarics, panthers and a few types of psilocybin mushrooms. Panthers/agarics are weaker when compared to the psilocybin mushrooms.

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@Paradox25 I wouldn’t really consider pot or hash to be hallucinogenic, but whatever.

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@Paradox25 I’d never consider pot or hash a hallucinogen either. They’ve never made me hallucinate. Munchies yes. Horniness without the motivation/energy to act on it Yes. Hallucinations no (I’d think it was laced if I experienced hallucinations)

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@Jenniehowell My sentiments exactly.

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I love them. I believe they have bettered me as a person.

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Poster writes: I know that drugs “aren’t good for us” and I’m not saying that I use them. Then goes on to tell us what she uses and what she prefers. hmmm….

Drugs of any kind mess with your ability for rational and reasoned thinking. I bet you are a very bad lier, but think you are good at it.

Also writes in her profile that she is ‘young’. hmmm. worried mother face

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@likipie First off, regardless of what you and @Jenniehowell own personal opinions are, marijuana is considered to be a depressant and mild hallucinogen. I have also attempted to answer a question that you’ve asked with my own answer, which was based on a fact. I gave my opinion just like everybody else did.

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I’ve never had hallucinations from pot, and I wouldn’t dare take any hallucinogenic drug.

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Smoke some herb and chill yourselves, y’all – what’s the big deal with pot being a hallucinogen? Erowid (aka the druggie’s bible) calls it a psychedelic. Yes, weed does induce visual hallucinations. I think people have a misunderstanding of what hallucinating visually is – it’s not like seeing pink elephants appear from nowhere, it’s just any alteration in vision. Weed does this subtly, but it does do it – green truly looks greener after smoking. And I think it makes my eyeballs track a bit slower, so that it’s more like seeing reality as a series of pictures than a flow.

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If anyone cares, a psychedelic drug is a kind of hallucinogen. That is, all psychedelic drugs are also hallucinogens, but not all hallucinogens are psychedelic drugs. Saying “it’s a psychedelic drug, not a hallucinogen” is a little like saying “it’s a poodle, not a dog.” By calling something a psychedelic drug, you are thereby committed to also calling it a hallucinogen.

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I’m not into it. ...or them, rather.
To each his, or her own though.

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