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What would a class in technical analysis be called?

Asked by auto42799225 (4points) April 20th, 2012

I’m interested in taking a stock technical analysis class at a local college. What would one be called? I’d assume finance majors\business majors would have to take this class but I can’t find it in the course catalog. This is a major university.

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Stock market is a parimutuel for people that don’t like horses or dogs.

Try a business degree but read Jim Cramer, yes the wacky guy on CNBC…

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This kind of question is what the advisers at the school are for.

It is called Technical Analysis, which is different from Fundamental Analysis. The discipline is called Security Analysis.

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You you will at least need solid statistics along with a mastery of ordinary maths.
After that it’s a matter of getting your hands on data and getting good at setting up reliable processes to analyse them. Then processes for trade execution and financing.

Maybe coursework for an MBA in finance will include some of the related topics such as risk management / exposure analysis / credit risk. Look in your course catalog in that direction. I suspect trading and technical analysis are more applied and may not be covered in classes.

Get to know the instruments you are analysing, especially if you wander beyond equities.
I’d suspect you’ll get more usable tech analysis information from books. Take a look at :
Burton G. Malkiel A Random Walk Down Wall Street
Frank J. Fabozzi The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities
Marcia Stigum Stigum’s Money Market
John C. Hull Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives

And before you get far get a serious handle on risk management, and include that as a foundation for your trading models :
Ralph Vince The Mathematics of Money Management: Risk Analysis Techniques for Traders
Ralph Vince Portfolio Management Formulas
Nauzer J. Balsara Money Management Strategies for Futures Traders

That said, a lot of the brokers offer access to analytical tools for free if you have an account with them. I’ve seen interesting ads from TD Ameritrade
and even Charles Scwabb. You could learn a lot about what day-traders use just from a survey of those tools.

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I don’t think most colleges teach technical analysis. I can recommend a profiteering teacher who helped me learn enough to double my money:

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You will have to look into the Finance areas. Technical Analysis, Financial Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Analysis, Mathematical Finance are usually the terms that you will be searching for in the title or in the description of the course.

Technical Analysis gets short thrift outside of the Finance areas (Business, Economics, etc). The reason being is that most teach fundamental analysis.

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It is not taught in any specific class. Knowledge is scattered among economics and business management courses.

Suppose I have a box that spits out a dollar every year. I want to sell it. What’s it worth? Technical analysis: if the prevailing interest rate is 10% you would have to put $10 in a savings account to get a dollar every year. If interest is 2% you have to deposit $50 to get a dollar every year. So the worth of my little whizbanger depends on what interest rate applies. Now consider what happens if my box might spit out more or less than a dollar depending on this or that. Analysis strays from the technical to the opinionated, but as long as it is based on published information, it is still considered technical.

And there is no class where they will teach you the business this clearly.

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