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Why do people disagree?

Asked by nikipedia (28077points) May 27th, 2008

This is frequently evidenced by questions posed on this site: people presented with the exact same information can come to completely different conclusions. Why?

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They don’t.


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Oftentimes one person can interpret the same data or information in a different way than someone else. Opinions and bias can also affect the conclusions a person may draw.

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There are lots of reasons for disagreeing. People’s personal experiences shape the paradigm through which they filter their thoughts and opinions. For example, if a murder occurs in a family, that event may well affect the members and friends of the victim’s opinions on crime, law enforcement, capital punishment, gun control, etc.

People’s adoption of a certain set of religious beliefs or code of living can impact their opinions on matters outside the credo.

Finally, the human brain can hold 11 contradictory trains of thought. Further, as evidenced on this site, not all people accepts facts as facts.

Most of the time, if respectful, disagreement is a good method of airing all sides of an issue. I think it might be boring if we were all Stepford thought clones.

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I don’t mean to disagree with you, but I disagree.
I think each of us have unique experiences, thus the difference in conclusions.
The key is learning to effectively communicate those differences in opinion without alienating fellow Flutherites.

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I’m gonna go with this being at least partly the reason for different views and opinions.
But then again, I believe you would argue that given each of our genetics and past experiences we can only have one opinion and since each of our genetics and experiences are different, we will have different opinions. (Not saying I agree with that though)

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@wildflower, throw some of this into the mix too, and it might explain the vehemence with which people will stick to their answers despite evidence to the contrary.

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I like cognitive dissonance, I wish I did more of it – but I’m a tad too neurotic for that, I just don’t let it go that easy….(or I let it go too easy? oh I don’t know, I’m just random)

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Which one of those linked fancy psychological terms is The “Oh YEAH?” Factor? ;-)

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Oh, and don’t forget, “because it’s easy to win some Fluther Lurve points with smartypants comments.”

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Lets not forget that sometimes it’s just plain simple fun to be disagreeable :)

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Babo wonders this too!

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How boring would it be if we all agreed on everything? There would be no need for Fluther—or almost any media—or books or movies.

What makes this site and the world of interest is differences in opinion, ideas, energy, creativity, language, philosophies, backgrounds, and all of it.

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If everybody agreed on everything there would be no progress. It is through disagreement that you grow. When my business partners and I disagree I tell them it’s a good thing because if we agreed on everything then one of us would not be necessary.

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…because the world isn’t perfect…,,,

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PupnTaco is right!

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Humans are unique. We are all very different from each other and therefore, so is our thinking. Everyone has their own opinions. I’m glad it’s that way. The world would be so tedious if we all came to the same conclusion about everything. I’m sure you’d disagree with me about many issues around the world such as gay marriage, abortion, politics, racism, etc. The list goes on…

I think that it’s a good thing to disagree, and to argue. Who’s to say that the first person who came up with a theory, comes up with the right theory? Disagreements and skepticism can lead us in the right direction, to the answer. That’s just the way things should be. And that’s the way things have been.

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I agree with “urugeht”. Its just human nature to try to prove that “I’m right, and your wrong.”

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We are all individuals that let our wacky little egos answer all these questions. Questions, produced by individuals with wacky little egos. Do you not, just love the confusion. I know I do!

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“people presented with the exact same information can come to completely different conclusions. Why?”

i agree with the previous posters who said that it’s because people don’t really have the same information usually. everyone’s unique histories and experience make for different conclusions.

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because these ‘people’ are not yet a part of the Borg Collective.
sorry, inner geek breaks free every now and then

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they just do. accept it and move on

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I disagree, @logzlo!

Oh. Wait. Um. No, I don’t… uh, disagree? Hold a tick! That’s a double negative meaning… what?

Crap. Have I fallen into some recursive logic trap?

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Wouldn’t it be scary if everyone agreed all of the time? It would make for no engaging, ridiculous conversations.

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Most often because their status is threatened

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ANIMAL INSTINCTS. They feel the fight should go on, and as humans we are able to speak we debate and disagree, and if nothing else happens further, that disaggreement turns to war and shame and chaos.

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Because people are different. It’s a good thing.

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This is a good thing. No progress would ever be made. “Information” can be manipulated because of a certain bias. Information can also be unintentionally wrong or have flaws as well. I think I did a good job of pointing this out in several of my posts where I’ve debated with different people on different issues.

The greatest acheivements in history have been accomplished by people who thought outside the box or who were ridiculed by the status quo at the time. We should be thankful that not everyone observes certain information in the same light. We should question everything.

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@thewied that would be “you’re wrong”

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@nikipedia In general or on Fluther? It’s almost impossible NOT to disagree on fluther. Isnt that what we’re here for? I know of maybe a half dozen flutherites with whom I do not always disagree on principle and on point.

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In general, yo.

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Perspective. Differences in values. Prejudices. Misconceptions. Ignorance. Previous exposure to related misinformation.

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