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Do you also find NYT's Bill Cunningham's tiny photos totally pointless?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24987points) April 23rd, 2012

I only read the New York Times Sunday edition. I never paid much attention to On The Street, Bill Cunningham’s photo articles on page 4 of the Sunday Styles section. Not until I saw a documentary on him and discovered his being legendary as a street photographer in NYC. I was totally impressed.

After I excitedly flipped to his article that next Sunday to look at his photos, it just hit me. I never paid attention because they were just freakin tiny! What is the point of showing photographs, sized specifically for ants-? Lol.

Doesn’t this make NYT ridiculous on this issue-?

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Milo here; Are you stating that ants don’t have equal rights under the constitution?

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Personally, yes, I think they’re pointless too.
And I like most art and will usually give it a pass if it at least shows some good craft and expresses an artistic point.
Per the standard set in the movie “Annie Hall”, is it soup or is it art, as far as I’m concerned those eensy-weensy photos are ‘soup’.

The ants can make their own art. Probably they do and we don’t notice.

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@dabbler Yes! Finally. Validation! Thank you. Now I feel like standing outside the NYT building with a placard that says, “NYT is ridiculous and @dabbler agrees!” : )

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I like them, and he must take a ton more to find a trend and document it the way he does. I heard he rides a bike around the city, which is a feat because he’s pretty old, from what I understand.

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@mazingerz88 WOoHoo !

I might like the guy if I met him.
And if he manages to stay alive riding a bike around NYC he has at least that appreciable talent.
And if there is more to his work than has been described in what I’ve read I might even like the eensy-weensie photos, but I have not seen/heard much to recommend them.
And frankly, I wouldn’t say he’s wasting his time, he’s playing so go for it, man!

The folks certainly wasting their time are the ones making any kind of deal about it (reporters). For starters, there’s more interesting art on Occupy signs and in funky lots in the Lower East Side.

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