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Democrats and Republicans, what do you honestly love about each other?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25919points) April 23rd, 2012

It must be the caffeine and the nice coffeeshop window view I’m enjoying right now. I haven’t been out for days, self-exiled in a basement feeling terrible about a much loved second mom/aunt who is suffering terribly from chemo.

Like I said, must be the caffeine. I’m going for a feel good scenario. People who disagree who still might have things they do like about each other. Or should I just drink more coffee?

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I’m neither, but can at least be friends with Democrats. The Republicans I love are family members. I love that we can avoid talking politics while we are around each other. Does that count?

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I can’t think of much, these republicans aren’t real republicans: they’re psychos.

The GOP wouldn’t accept Nixon or Regan by today’s standards. Even John Huntsman criticised his own party.

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I probably would be a Democrat/voting Democrats, were I American, and what I love about Republicans is their naivety. ~

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@tom_g Yeah, sure. That makes sense. The concept of omission. Don’t realize that until now.

@rebbel Dude, emigrate. Right now! Lol.

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First, and most importantly, @mazingerz88, I hope your mom/aunt’s chemo works wonders for her. Take care of yourself and enjoy the view. Now, to answer your quesiton. My dad is a dyed in the wool Democrat. He’s got 92 years of stories to tell about his beliefs and ventures as a Democrat. His heart is always for what is best for the community or individuals without doing harm to others, offering whatever help he and his representatives are able to give; financial, tough love, material, food, coats, housing, as a means of helping others through difficult times and/or as a bridge to getting back on their feet.

I know Republicans who have the same heart as my dad and his Dem friends. People who would give you the shirt off the own backs without question if they saw you were in need.

The people I personally know in these two groups can actually attend church together, sit on juries together, sit beside each other at football games, work at food pantries together and pull together to make their communities and families’ lives as good as possible. They don’t let how they pull the lever affect how they treat others. The Democrats and Republicans I know have work hand-in-hand and hard over the years for roads, water/sewer, business, schools, libraries, police departments, fire departments, rescue squads, parks, all sorts of infrastructure…

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I’m always inspired by how much Republicans love the U.S.A. (or claim to). I’m lefty scum, and I’m often ashamed of our country.
I really had to look hard to find something

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@bkcunningham Thanks so much for the kind words. Worked better than caffeine! : )

Great to hear about your Dad. That was just heartwarming and you are lucky to have him. I too have a friendship with a 91 year old liberal Dem who is just the perfect gentleman. He is going to turn 92 this June. There is this generational divide between him and myself that I feel I would never live up to when it comes to being compassionate, decent and honorable. I could only try.

There is so much to learn from them, not just knowledge of history but how to live a life of wisdom based on practice.

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Hm. If we use the transitive property: I love the Daily Show; the Daily Show depends mostly on Republican shenanigans for its existence; therefore I love Republicans…at least for the shenanigans.

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@wildpotato Got it. That took courage, I know. I do applaud it. Lol.

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The view from my window is very much like the one that @bkcunningham showed us. That is what I see everyday in my community.
I am an independent.

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The main thing I like about Republicans is that they expel carbon dioxide, which plants need to live.

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I admire the way Republicans can band together and make votes happen as a singular unit. If the Democrats were capable of this, we’d have truly universal healthcare instead of the Republican plan from the 90’s rebranded as Democrat, which ironically keeps getting called socialist.

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Like @gorillapaws I admire the discipline Republicans bring to achieving their ideology. I admire their dedication to the USA, even when it may seem quite misguided and actually damaging to the country they claim to love. While I don’t agree with the conclusions it leads them to, I do respect their love of family and their sincere desire to make family units strong. I agree with their libertarian principles when it comes to individual liberty. To bad that’s mostly just lip service in todays GOP, not matched at all by their actions.

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I’m a Republican and there is a lot that I like about Democrats. Their genuine concern for the environment. Their idealistic views. The way that they challenge me to support my apposing views. Perhaps the aspect of Democrats that I appreciate most is that they generally seem so sure of themselves and their sources of information. That must be so comforting. Good for them.

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