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How can I attach a camera to a dog's head without restricting his breathing or causing discomfort?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) April 26th, 2012

I am asking this because I would like to get an idea of what the family dog sees when we are playing fetch.

The dog is called Clipper, he is half Pitbull half Argentine dogo, and he likes extreme games of fetch. He is the most athletic thing I have ever seen, and he must see the world in a very unique way when we play fetch.

I have seen some cameras online for this purpose, but I think they would restrict his breathing. I am trying to think how I could attach a camera to his head for 5 to 10 minutes without bothering him, any ideas?

He is very muscular, so needs to have his mouth fully open to take in air, and it needs to be comfortable or else he will just take it off or destroy it.

The only reason I want to do this is because he runs at about 40mph, jumps 2 meter walls without touching them, and he slides in the dirt like a rally car when he is slowing down to grab the ball. I thought it would make for an interesting video.

Any ideas?

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You should take a video of him from your perspective just so we can see this awesome dog in action.

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duct tape
or this
But I would use duct tape, because it looks funnier.

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@ragingloli That FIDO cam is awesome!

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@ragingloli That fido one looks good, except for the strap that goes under the jaw. Clipper tends to have his mouth wide open when he runs, he sounds like he is hyperventilating when he does, his mouth is very large, reminds me of a crocodile.

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And do please post the video from whatever POV you can take it. Sounds like a fun dog!

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Basically, if you make him run for a ling time, he starts to make pig like oinking sounds, because his own muscle restricts air intake, so the main goal is to make sure he can breath as normal. I don’t want to restrict his breathing in any way.

And yes, I will take a video him later and post the link in here.

EDIT: I think maybe attach it to the side of the body some how?

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Yah! That thought crossed my mind too, attach the cam to the side of a regular harness. It has the disadvantages of… seeing what’s going on only on only one side or the other. And attached to a harness on top then the head gets in the way. But on the side it will still be a wild ride! That’s at least a great idea for Revision A.

Rev B : Two cams attached at the top of the harness, on the back, hanging one to each side.

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Here are a couple of pics of him, this one shows more or less how he holds his jaw when he is active, and this one shows more or less what the rest of him looks like, the photos are a little old, but they are mostly precise, he is a tiny bit taller and a bit wider now.

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Handsome pup! Will he wear a harness ? Or duct tape?

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@dabbler he is ok with a harness, I can’t imagine duct tape being tolerated. You can put a collar on him, but only for walking, once he starts to run around it has to come off.

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You can make your own and this one. The best I’ve seen though, are the police dog cameras (they wouldn’t use them if breathing was restricted). You can buy a good key-chain camera and attach it to your dog’s collar or head harness. There are some great videos on YouTube for dog cams as well. Here’s a neat one and another (both by the same person).

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That is a hell of a powerful looking dog, you should try bike jouring with him. My dog is half that size and she loves it.

I would probably try to make my own camera holder. Not quite sure how I would go about it, but it should have something so that the ears would hold it in position. I would love to see your results! Please share.

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